Looking for a Pear-Shaped Diamond? Find Out What To Look For

The love of your life isn't like anyone else you know. Your anniversary is coming up in a few months, and you want to find the right piece of diamond jewelry to blow her away. After racking your brain for the most thoughtful, brilliant gift ideas, you remember one crucial thing. 

She has always mentioned how stunning pear-shaped diamonds are, and now is your chance to fulfill her admiration by giving her the pear-shaped diamond ring of her dreams. 

Perhaps this isn't your story. Maybe you're searching for the perfect pear-shaped ring for yourself or another loved one. If you're not a gemologist, you may have some hesitation as you begin your search. 

It doesn't have to be complicated. We've compiled the need-to-know tips for buying a pear-shaped diamond ring that's as valuable as it is beautiful. 

What Is a Pear-Shaped Diamond?

What makes a pear-shaped diamond unique? This kind of stone is rounded on one end with a point on the other. While its shape sets it apart, its impressive qualities go beyond that. A pear-shaped diamond features unique characteristics that differ from other diamonds. Let's look at these features and see what makes this shape so mesmerizing.

Let's Explore Its Different Features

This fancy-cut stone is a remarkable blend of round diamonds and marquise-cut diamonds. The unique parts of a pear-shaped diamond are the head, shoulder, belly, wing, and point. 

The head and point are opposite of one another, while the shoulder, belly, and ring describe the rounded parts of the diamond in between. These rounded areas should only be gently arched and avoid extremes of too-curved or too-straight. 

It's Faceted for Ultimate Brilliance

Another part of what makes this cut of diamond "fancy" is its faceted nature. Jewelers expertly cut this stone to deliver the most brilliance and sparkle in its facets. There are many parts within a faceted diamond. Let's take a look at them. 

  • Culet: The culet is a tiny facet at the base of the pavilion of a finished gem that supports the fragile tip from chipping and abrasion. Some gemstones do not have this facet, making them "closed culet."
  • Crown: This is the top area of a gem located just above the girdle.
  • Girdle: This characteristic describes a slim band that defines the edge of the plane dividing the crown and pavilion.
  • Pavilion: The pavilion is the area of a polished gem below the girdle. The pavilion’s role is to reflect light toward the crown.
  • Table: A table refers to a prominent facet in the center of the crown.

What To Search for in a Pear-Shaped Diamond

Now that you are more familiar with some of the vocabulary surrounding pear-shaped diamonds, you may be ready to search for pear-shaped diamond jewelry. Before we look at a few pieces you'll love, let's explore a few more essential tips to keep in mind. 

Seek Symmetry 

First, a pear-shaped diamond is a fancy-cut diamond, meaning it takes more skill to craft. As you search for a diamond that's worth your investment, opt for one that's symmetrical. Imagine a line cutting directly through from the tip to the crown and ensure that each side mirrors the other. If they do, you'll know your diamond has an excellent cut. 

Look for a Centered Table 

The table is one of the most prominent features of a pear-shaped diamond. As such, good table positioning is essential to a valuable pear-shaped diamond. An off-center table may cause your diamond to appear lop-sided and unattractive. The best pear-shaped diamonds will feature symmetrical features and a well-centered table. 

Consider Your Preferred Length-to-Width Ratio

You may be wondering what length-to-width ratio is best. Ultimately, there's no correct answer. You are free to select a more narrow pear-shaped diamond or one that's more heavily rounded compared to its length. From an industry-standard perspective, most experts opt for a ratio of 1.50-1.75:1. 

Pear-Shaped Diamond Jewelry That's Right for You 

We hope you feel more equipped to select pear-shaped diamond jewelry that inspires you with its sparkling facets. Let's explore a few luxurious Noémie options to add to your collection.

Multi-Shape Diamond Eternity Band 

Perhaps you love the pear-shaped diamond, but you can't limit yourself to just one shape. You can indulge in several varieties of diamond cuts in just one ring. Our Noémie Multi-Shape Diamond Eternity Band lets you celebrate multiple expertly-cut diamonds hand-crafted into 18-karat gold or platinum. Customize your band with your preferred gold color and prepare to enjoy your unique diamond jewelry.

Pear Diamond Spiral Ring 

Do you adore the pear diamond shape? This ring allows you to enjoy this diamond cut in abundance. Our Pear Diamond Spiral Ring displays 2.50 carats of luxurious pear-shaped diamonds joined together in a spiral ring. 

As always, our conflict-free Noémie diamonds feature an F/G color quality and VS clarity. This band is available in 18-karat white gold to make an utterly elevated piece of jewelry. 

Lab-Grown Pear Diamond Spiral Ring

Perhaps you'd like to enjoy the luster of the pear-shaped diamond band for a reduced price. Did you know that lab-created diamonds are in every way equal to earth-created stones? The difference lies in the speed and location of the growing process. 

While earth-grown stones take millions or billions of years to produce, lab-created stones take weeks or months to create. While these diamond variations are chemically identical, they take a fraction of the time and resources to mine, making them the more affordable option. 

You may also love lab-mined jewelry for its ethical nature. Some naturally-mined diamonds may have been bought and sold under unscrupulous conditions, giving them a dark history. At Noémie, we always select conflict-free diamonds for our jewelry. Still, if you want to ensure that you're going directly to the source of a diamond's creation, lab-grown is the way to go. 

Our Lab-Grown Pear Spiral Ring is just as impressive. It boasts 2.50 carats of lab-created stones in a spiral shape in white gold. Wear it alone for a piece that others won't be able to ignore. It's perfect for you to wear for yourself or gift to your loved one on an upcoming special occasion. 

More Noémie Fancy-Cut Diamond Jewelry To Love 

Some people enjoy more straightforward, predictable jewelry. If you desire fancy-cut diamond jewelry that's striking and excellently made, look no further. Here are a few of our favorite pieces.

  • The Huggie Baguette Earrings: This pair of earrings couldn't look more sophisticated if they tried. They contain 1/5 carat of sparkling emerald diamonds set in 18-karat gold. 
  • Emerald-Cut Eternity Band: This piece displays timeless emerald-cut stones encircling its entire band. It's a beautiful choice to wear daily or pair with an engagement ring in a wedding jewelry suite. 
  • Princess-Cut Multi Sapphire Band: If you love intricately cut stones, you may adore this ring. It swaps diamonds for sapphires in brilliant, bold colors for a more lively look. 

    In Conclusion

    Shopping for pear-cut diamonds doesn't have to be challenging. Though the terminology takes some focus to understand, we hope you're able to see how wonderful this kind of diamond jewelry can be. Pear-cut diamond jewelry is terrific for expressing how unique and precious your partner is to you. 


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