Four Reasons the Marquise Cut Diamond Is One of Our Favorites

Do you know the history of your diamond ring? The marquise diamond not only has a widely-known reputation for being aesthetically pleasing, but it also has a rich history. This diamond's reputation was highly regarded for centuries among royals; then, it made a grand reappearance in the 1960s and 1970s. 

Eventually, this diamond became so popular in bridal jewelry that it got a new nickname: "my mother's diamond." At first, this nickname deterred young shoppers, but after decades, this stone has resurged as a time-honored stone.

What Is a Marquise Diamond?

This style is gaining popularity, but some may still be unfamiliar with its name and shape. To put it simply, a marquise diamond is a diamond with two long rounded sides that lead to two points. For reference, a canoe is similar in shape to this cut. The marquise diamond has also been referred to as "the navette cut," which means "little boat." There are many reasons to love this diamond that go beyond what meets the eye. 

4 Reasons We Love the Marquise Diamond

If you're learning about this kind of diamond cut for the first time, you might want to know what makes it one-of-a-kind. Like any diamond cut, people love it for the way it looks when it's set to make a piece of jewelry. There are many more reasons we love this diamond cut. 

1. The Royal Origins of the Marquise Diamond 

This ring has deep roots in a historical love story. King Louis XV ruled the French royal court for five years and had the nickname "Louis the Beloved.”. He had a love for diamonds, rivaled only by his well-known, beautifully decorated wife, Marie Antoinette.

In fact, King Louis XV's grandfather, King Louis XIV, was known as "the Sun King" because he dressed in gems that glistened brightly at candlelight meals. The grand origin story of Louis XV is just one famous reason to enjoy the marquise diamond, but we'll find out what he has to do with this diamond's shape in his love story below.

2. The Love Story Behind the Shape 

How did the marquise diamond get its design? First, King Louis XV met Jean Antoinette Poisson. The King was so taken with her that he appointed her to be his primary mistress, granting her a significant position in his court as the Marquise de Pompadour. 

He remarked that she had the most beautiful lips he had ever seen. The marquise cut was created when the king commissioned a royal jeweler to develop a diamond cut that mirrored the shape of her lips.

3. The Expert Artistry That Goes Into This Cut

Symmetry and proportion are significant features of the marquise cut diamond. The stone should not be excessively long or too short and shallow. As cutters got more knowledgeable about light performance in diamonds over time, they refined the shape and facet plan of the marquise diamond. This well-loved cut now has 56 or 58 beautifully positioned, brilliant facets.

4. Its Looks Are Deceiving – In a Good Way 

One fantastic aspect of the marquise diamond's design is the element of illusion. Brides choose this historied style more and more because it looks like a larger carat size than other diamonds of the same carat weight. The marquise diamond's more prominent appearance makes it an attractive choice for those looking for unique wedding jewelry. It's a style that stuns for a reasonable price. 

Other Diamond Rings We Adore 

You can probably see why so many people find the marquise diamond so fascinating. Its unique shape and history make it a desirable cut for anyone. We love this style and its vintage, luxurious flare.

If you aren’t a fan of the marquise cut, or if you’re simply interested in exploring different styles and options, Noémie has an incredible selection for you. Looking for something more personal? Our customized design experience can help you create the ring of your dreams. If you enjoy diamond cuts that are unparalleled and timeless, you may find these additional styles intriguing. 

Noémie’s Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 

Here's a style that stands out among others. The emerald-cut diamond is a shape well-known for how it reflects light, often referred to as a "hall of mirrors." Our Emerald Cut Eternity Band is a timeless, elegant spin on the everyday diamond eternity band. It features nearly two and a half carats of gleaming white diamonds set in 18-karat white gold or platinum. This unique band is perfect to pair with a vintage engagement ring or to gift as an anniversary band.

Noémie’s Multi-Shape Diamond Ring 

If you're a fan of the marquise diamond ring, you'll love this intriguing diamond band. Our Multi-Shape Diamond Eternity Band includes multiple stunning diamond cuts set into one 18-karat band and weighing 1.8 carats. You can customize your band by selecting its metal: white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum. It's a perfect match for those who crave eclectic luxury.

Noémie’s Vintage Diamond Ring 

Perhaps you've fallen in love with the marquise shape, but you don't have any need for a marquise-cut diamond ring presently. The shape has an elegant, vintage feel that makes it a unique choice. Our Vintage Diamond Band boasts a terrific design that pays homage to styles of the past with its art-deco inspiration. This band's timeless shape looks stunning in any metal: 18-karat white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum. 

Noémie’s Custom Diamond Ring 

Are you looking for something undoubtedly one-of-a-kind? No one knows your style or your loved one's style like you do. You can use our Custom Diamond Ring Builder to create a diamond ring that's exactly to your liking. 

Have you always desired a baguette-cut diamond band set in 18-karat yellow gold? You can choose these customizations and also choose the carat weight and pavé band. The finished product is a stunning diamond ring that's made to match your desires.

Noémie’s Custom Ring Form

Do you wish to have a diamond ring that's handcrafted and customized to your tastes? We have also provided a form for those who want to customize each detail of their ring. Our custom ring form allows you to specify your wishes and provide images to inspire your diamond ring design. You can choose to take inspiration from history or opt for a modern look; the choice is yours. 

How Noémie Offers the Best Value 

When you're searching for timeless fine jewelry, you'll find many jewelers online. These jewelry retailers often rely on sales markups to make a commission, meaning you end up paying more. At Noemie fine jewelry, we're happy to offer a thoughtful product assortment while owning our own production house to cut out the middle man. 

We're also committed to using quality materials that won't diminish quickly. Since we use F/G color grade and VS clarity diamonds, you can be sure your fine diamond jewelry will last.

In Conclusion 

We hope you're no longer a stranger to this elegant diamond cut. Not only does this style originate from an intriguing, romantic background, but it's also a beautiful vintage shape that looks flattering on everyone. When you're shopping for wedding rings or a thoughtful anniversary diamond ring, a marquise-cut diamond band is an extraordinary choice! 


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