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What Makes a Floating Diamond Necklace Unique

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woman wearing Floating Diamond Necklace

When it comes to donning diamonds, there is a world of beautiful and timeless styles to choose from. But why not go for a style that flatters and frames your glittering gems? For the most discerning of diamond lovers, allow us to introduce the illustrious floating diamond necklace.

While many styles of diamond necklaces sparkle and shine, the floating diamond necklace is perhaps the most remarkable. The unique style creates the optical illusion that your diamond is floating on air, freeing it to shine ever more brightly.

Not only does the style set up your diamonds to shine, but it is also versatile enough to dress up or down. So what alluring attributes make up a floating diamond necklace? Let’s dig into the treasure trove that is the distinctions of the floating diamond necklace.

#1 They’re Exquisitely Crafted

Over the years, ingenious jewelers have developed many clever methods of making a diamond appear to float above its bejeweled placement. In order to achieve this stunning look, they may use:

  • Prongs – Small metal prongs that match the color of the diamond can appear to hold the gemstone in place without the outward appearance of the prongs being there. The key to this look is to keep the prongs as small and invisible as possible.
  • Halos – A jeweler can also surround one large diamond with several smaller ones to create a floating diamond appearance. If they secure the diamonds from the back, this can create the illusion that the central diamond is floating above the smaller ones. (It can also make the smaller diamond appear more prominent.)
  • Hidden chain – The illusion of the floating diamond necklace relies on creating space between the necklace chain and the diamond itself. This can be achieved with a setting that cleverly tucks the chain away and hides it from view.
  • Modern jewelers are continually developing new methods of creating the floating diamond illusion. Styles are becoming more and more spectacular, with diamonds seemingly floating mid-air as pendants, charms, and chains. Because of the design, it can go well with any precious metal, such as yellow gold, rose gold, 14k white gold, platinum, sterling silver, etc. The design also makes any color diamond stand out, whether that's white diamond, gold diamond, black diamond, and any other natural diamond. And if you wear the necklace with other pieces of fine jewelry, they pair well with diamond earrings. For this reason, the floating diamond necklace is one of the most coveted pieces of fine jewelry.

    #2 They’re Sentimental

    We all know that a center diamond ring is associated with marriage proposals. But what does a diamond necklace or floating diamond pendant necklace say?

    While the diamond floating necklace is not associated with any one meaning or occasion, it makes an all-around thoughtful gift for a special day. People may gift each other floating diamond necklaces to commemorate significant events like:

    • Graduations
    • Holidays
    • Anniversaries
    • Birthdays

    No matter the occasion, the diamond necklace is a sure symbol of love. Indeed, the diamond itself (especially a mystical sort like that of a floating diamond necklace) is a stone associated with:

    • Loyalty
    • Eternal love
    • Purity
    • Devotion
    • Strength

    As the hardest naturally occurring material on Earth, diamonds are gemstones that are so often used to commemorate unbreakable bonds.1

    #3 They’re Suitable for Daily Wear

    If you have a high-quality and well-crafted floating diamond necklace, there is no reason that you cannot wear it every day. (And once you’ve found a piece that you love, you probably won’t ever want to take it off, anyway.)

    A well-made floating diamond necklace can be worn while:

    • Showering
    • Exercising
    • Working
    • Watching an episode of your favorite show
    • Striking a pose at your latest gala (or in your bathroom mirror)

    That said, you may wish to remove your diamond necklace before you go to bed. Particularly if you’re a person who sleeps on your stomach, the pressure of resting atop your floating diamond necklace could lead to damage.

    #4 They’re Extremely Versatile

    Floating diamond necklaces can come in many forms. They can be styled as a solitaire, or with one singular diamond. They can also have several diamonds laid atop the chain.

    Whichever variety suits you best, a floating diamond necklace is versatile enough to be both classic and effortless.

    A floating diamond necklace is the best of both diamond-jewelry worlds: it’s sophisticated enough to wear to a black tie event but simple enough to dress up a casual jeans-and-t-shirt look.

    If you’re purchasing a solitaire floating pendant, be more discerning about the quality of the diamond. Because the diamond is the focal point, you’ll want to invest in a quality stone. Look for diamonds that are at least VS clarity and F-G color, as they will appear flawless and colorless to the naked eye.

    Give the Gift of an Extraordinary Floating Diamond Necklace from Noémie

    An elegant yet unique floating diamond necklace is the perfect gift for a special person with a sophisticated soul. And what goes well with this gift is a floating diamond ring or Chevron ring (Read this to learn how to wear a Chevron ring). The wearer will love seeing their ineffable magic reflected in the visual artistry of the floating diamond. And the style is versatile enough that you or your beloved can wear it every day.

    At Noémie, you can shop for exquisite jewelry with the confidence that you’re receiving value, care, and impeccable materials. With free returns and exchanges, a lifetime warranty, and conflict-free stones, rest assured that your diamond is resting in the best grasp from Noémie. (Even if that grasp seems to be floating mid-air.)


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