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How to Wear & Stack a Chevron (Wishbone) Ring

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How to Wear & Stack a Chevron (Wishbone) Ring

You can’t go wrong with a chevron ring in your stacking collection. The v-shape is stylish—and a chevron diamond ring is stunning no matter what rings are sitting next to it. You can dress it up or down, and it’ll draw admiring eyes while it rests comfortably next to your other favorite rings.

So, how do you wear a wishbone ring?

Spoiler alert: There are several ways to wear them correctly. How to wear a wishbone ring all depends on which method rings truest for you.

Note: The words “chevron” and “wishbone” are used interchangeably throughout this article.

What Does a Chevron Ring Symbolize?

Before you show off the timeless treasure that is your new chevron ring, take a few notes that you can share with your envious friends about the symbolism of the jewelry.

The chevron ring, with its wishbone shape, has always been associated with love and luck. The wishbone itself is derived from the bone of a fowl, which has been used in traditions all over the world.

Customarily, two people pull the bone until it breaks, and the person holding the v-shaped end is the recipient of a wish come true. This is where we get the term “lucky break.”1

How to wear a Chevron ring?

Elegant and unique, the wishbone ring is appropriate for any occasion. A chevron engagement ring is more popular today than ever before.

How do you wear a wishbone ring? You can put your mind at ease that there is no “right” way.2 You can wear it at any time of the day—formal or casual. It’s entirely up to you and your personal style.

That said, here are a few of our personal favorite styles you can choose from:

#1 Centered in a Stacked Set

Storytelling through jewelry is not a new idea (charm bracelets come to mind). And, like charms, you can add rings acquired as life milestones, mementos from a special trip, or received as gifts.

Your rings can reflect your personality and tell your story.

Here’s how to tell it while keeping your chevron diamond ring the centerpiece:

  • Stack plainer, simpler styles on your other fingers, keeping the focus on the chevron.
  • Put a gold wishbone ring in the middle and adorn other fingers with silver-colored metals (or switch it around). Your wishbone ring will be front and center.

#2 As a Midi Ring

Place the Chevron band in the “midi” position (second phalange3 of the finger, between the upper and lower knuckle) of the middle finger, and add a heavier piece at the base of the same finger—perhaps a wider band, embellished with colorful gemstones for contrast.

With thinner bands on each side, your wishbone ring will be lovely at the top of the triangle.

#3 With Other Chevron Rings

Add a second wishbone ring and wear them inverted for a more whimsical look, or stack two wishbone rings facing in the same direction for more sophistication. You could also wear the two chevron rings on the first and third fingers, with a different style in the middle.

#4 With a Straight-Banded Ring

Chevron rings look wonderful next to straight-banded rings. Try stacking them on each side of a smooth Chevron band to create an abstract look.

  • Add a knotted or beaded ring for extra texture and depth.
  • If you have a dangle ring, it will create movement next to the shine of your chevron diamond ring, completing an exquisite evening look.

#5 As a Wedding Band

One of the most beloved ways to wear a chevron ring is as a wedding ring. Couple your wishbone wedding band with an engagement ring solitaire, and the stone (whether that's a real diamond, emerald, sapphire, etc.) will fit perfectly into the chevron’s notch. (It’s almost like it was meant to be.)

If you follow tradition and wear your band “close to the heart,”4 the point will be facing toward the wrist. When the engagement ring slides on afterward, the two rings will fit snugly together.

#6 As an Engagement Ring

There’s no need to wait until the wedding to adorn your ring finger with the meaningful touch of a chevron ring. Wishbones also make elegant engagement rings.

With a wishbone ring occupying your finger during the engagement period, the point can face either up or down. Then, when it’s time to pair it with the wedding band, the engagement ring goes on last, so it makes the most sense to have the point directed toward your knuckle.

What Is the Meaning of a V-shaped Ring?

In the nineteenth century, wishbones were sometimes considered a symbol of luck as vows were taking place.5 The wishbone signified a new chapter for the bride and groom. There is a common theme associated with a v-shaped ring:

  • Good Luck
  • Love
  • Prosperity
  • Hope for the future

It’s no wonder that wedding rings have adopted this delicate, romantic shape.

How Do You Wear a Pointed Ring?

Paired with evening formalwear or jeans and a flowy shirt, a pointed ring adds a timeless touch. If you’re still unsure about how to wear your pointed ring, here are a few additional tips:

  1. Invert the “V” to frame different rings in the stack. Experiment.
  2. Make sure it is comfortable and not clashing against another ring.
  3. Wear it with another pointed ring facing the same way for a sleek, polished style.
  4. Stack two rings with the points facing opposite each other to create a fun, eclectic look.

Uncover Your Lucky Treasure at Noémie

Fine jewelry is a treasure for a lifetime—which means that a chevron ring is the luckiest treasure of all. The wishbone ring is a wonderful expression of both elegance and good fortune, and your own personality and style can shine through as you find your ideal way of styling it. If a chevron or a wishbone isn’t your style, you can also have a floating diamond ring along with a floating diamond necklace.

At Noémie, our passion is helping you find jewelry that feels like your luckiest treasure. From wishbone rings to stackable accompaniments and custom designs, we’re sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for in our collection.


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