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How To Layer Necklaces: Real Tips From Jewelry Pros

9 mins read time
How To Layer Necklaces: Real Tips From Jewelry Pros

You're not the same person you were last year, so why would your style remain the same? As you grow in your personal life, you may wish to reflect your growth by incorporating bolder, more expressive elements into your jewelry. Layering necklaces is one way to create visual interest in your style and create diversity in your collection. 

If you want to experiment with this style, you might benefit from a few tips from jewelry professionals. Let's look at six tips that can help you as you start trying layered necklaces to refresh your style.

1. Don't Be Shy 

While you're standing in front of your mirror trying out different jewelry combinations, you may have the instinct to play it safe. Layering necklaces might feel like a style that's out of your comfort zone, but it's worth trying. 

Take it slow if you need to. You can experiment by choosing two necklaces that might complement each other. Once you have two staple pieces that look good together, search for a third if you dare. 

2. Choose Alternating Lengths 

You might find that a majority of your necklaces are of a similar length. Trying to layer these would be difficult. You might discover that multiple chains of the same length tangle quickly. It's a better idea to opt for chains of varying sizes. Each change in size will contribute to a more coordinated set of chains that makes the entire group look stunning.

3. Select Multiple Types of Necklaces 

As you add necklaces to your collection, it's a great idea to add not only varying lengths but varying types of necklaces as well. If you've already got a short minimalistic piece, try adding a longer pendant and a personalized mid-sized necklace. 

If you're well-prepared with longer pendants, consider adding a more delicate silhouette near your collarbone. These multiple layers will captivate all those who see it and attract even more complements. 

4. Incorporate Diamonds 

Make your pieces classic. You can create an even more captivating ensemble by adding diamonds as an element in your necklace combinations. These will add texture to the mix and enhance the entire group with their presence. When you select fine diamond jewelry, you invest in timeless accessories that will hold their value for years. 

5. Coordinate With Matching Metals 

Should you mix metals or coordinate metals that match? You might be interested in mixing metals, but if you're recently beginning to experiment with layering necklaces, it may be best to refrain. Opt for chains of the same color metal to create a look that's cohesive and charming. Metals of the same color look brilliant together; it's a classic design philosophy that won't let you down. 

6. Add a Personalized Piece 

Do you want to know one way you can maximize your individuality in your necklace styling? By far, the best option you have is to choose a personalized piece. A customizable necklace allows you to select the metal color you adore most. You can make your piece one-of-a-kind by adding a word that's meaningful to your life.

Noémie Necklaces To Layer for Enhanced Style 

You deserve to treat yourself to fine diamond jewelry. Instead of getting overwhelmed by low-quality choices, Noémie makes it easier for you. We only use the best quality materials in our jewelry, so you never have to wonder if your piece is valuable. Let's look at the charming Noémie necklaces you can wear as you become a pro at layering jewelry. 

Crescent Moon Necklace 

Perhaps you've always felt connected to nature. You seek out long walks through the forest and often seek out trips that allow you to observe the night sky and its magnificence. You can represent your love for the natural and the ethereal with our Noémie Crescent Moon Necklace

Each brilliant round diamond sparkles to create the illusion of a night sky. Wear this piece alone, or curate a coordinating pair with our Noémie Star Necklace

The Five Diamond Necklace 

Do you enjoy delicate details and minimalistic decor? You might opt for more neutral colors in calming hues. If so, our Five Diamond Necklace could be perfect for your style aesthetic. In 18-karat rose gold or white gold, this necklace displays five beautiful round diamonds evenly spaced in bezel settings. It's the perfect piece to layer with other pendants and personalized jewelry. 

The Zodiac Necklace 

Your Zodiac sign can help you to appreciate your greatest strengths and the unique light you bring to the world. If you connect to astrology and your position in the Zodiac calendar, you may wish to display your sign to the world with a pendant representing your sign. Our Noémie Zodiac pendant is delicate and detailed all at once. 

It shows your sign in fine detail surrounded by timeless diamonds. Layer it with other necklaces to add a personal element to any look.

The Custom Name Necklace 

Who in your life is most dear to you? You might have a partner whose name still gives you butterflies in your stomach. Perhaps you have a pet who is no longer with you, and you'd like to memorialize them. Our Custom Gold Name Necklace is perfect for displaying the names that are dearest to you for everyone around to see. Make this piece even more extraordinary by adding pavé diamonds tracing each letter. 

The Evil Eye Diamond Necklace 

The evil eye talisman has been revered by many for its protective energy. Our Evil Eye Diamond Necklace portrays this ancient design with 1/3 carats of sparkling white diamonds accompanying a bright blue sapphire in the center. At 18 inches, this necklace is a perfect option for layering with other pieces. Try adding the evil eye earrings along with it for a bold look. 

The Noémie Elephant Pendant Necklace 

The Noémie Elephant necklace presents our signature motif in a beautiful rose gold hue. At Noémie, we believe this animal represents wisdom, strength, and loyalty. One bonus feature of this necklace is that you can have us customize the chain to any length you desire, making it ideal for layering with other pieces. 

Why Noémie Offers the Best Fine Jewelry

Perhaps you're well-acquainted with browsing brick-and-mortar and online jewelry stores alike. If so, you probably know that many jewelers crowd their selections with lower-quality pieces. This broad selection can make it difficult for you to choose pieces you love in the end. 

At Noémie, we're committed to using the highest quality materials in our necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and wedding jewelry. You'll soon find that our pieces contain only 18-karat gold or platinum for maximum value and durability. In addition, we only use VS clarity and F/G color diamonds. You can trust that every part of your Noémie piece of jewelry is of the best quality. 

In Conclusion 

As you attempt this new style, don't be afraid to take risks. Try out your new pendants and personalized pieces on a day when you feel like showing off. When you're coordinating Noémie jewelry, you can be confident your necklaces will always maintain a luxurious feel. We think you'll learn how to layer necklaces and attract compliments naturally in no time. 


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