A Complete Guide On How To Buy an Engagement Ring

If you’re getting engaged soon, you’re in for a whirlwind of emotions. You may feel bliss with your fiancée when she says, “yes.” You may also feel overwhelmed while shopping for rings if you’re not familiar with the process. 

While deciding on a carat size and understanding conflict-free diamonds, the world of engagement jewelry can become daunting at times. Let’s discover how to buy an engagement ring the smart way.

Keep in Mind a Few Principles When Shopping

To support you in creating the best engagement experience, we’ve gathered a few tips for you. Everyone does engagements differently. Some fiancés-to-be select the ring on their own to surprise their prospective fiancees. 

Other couples decide to plan the engagement ring and wedding rings together as a bonding experience. Whatever your style, being prepared with your preferences and several principles can help you pull off an engagement without stress 

1. Talk About Your Budget 

For some, money is no object. Still, it’s prudent to plan out the highest acceptable expense amount for the engagement ring and any other costs that may accompany your proposal plans. Though it doesn’t quite feel romantic, asking your partner’s input on the budget is a discerning way to plan for the future together. If you plan on one day sharing a bank account, this tip is even more applicable. 

2. Prioritize Timeless Designs Over Trends 

While her Pinterest and social media feed may include trendy ring styles that look exciting, sometimes those trends fade with time. Instead of opting for something hyper-current, prioritize time-tested engagement rings that suit her style.

If you’re the one receiving the proposal, you may already have a particular ring in mind. Ultimately, stay true to your preferences. But if you’re still deciding, remember that some styles stand the test of time for a reason.  

3. Choose an IGI or GIA Authentic Diamond 

It may go without saying, but not every jeweler in the world has your best interest at heart. They may try to offer you competitive prices for diamonds that aren’t authentic. To know what you’re buying, always go with a ring that is IGI certified or GIA certified for authenticity and quality (Noémie offers both!). 

4. Consider Going Conflict-Free 

In the same vein as the last tip, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that not every jeweler offers conflict-free diamonds in their rings. Conflict-free diamonds are those created with ethical mining conditions. 

Buying from a jeweler that only sells conflict-free stones is one way to be a conscious shopper and help make a difference in the world. At Noémie, we proudly abide by the Kimberley Process, which ensures the diamond jewelry you receive from us is always ethically sourced or lab-created. 

5. Know Which of the Four C’s Is Essential for You 

Do you remember the four C’s? Clarity, color, cut, and carat weight are the famous guiding principles for purchasing any diamond jewelry. You could have the best quality for each of these characteristics while maintaining your budget in a perfect world. 

Our advice is not to get caught up in finding a “perfect” diamond. Instead, go for F/G color grade diamonds with VS clarity in the carat weight and cut of your choosing. Prioritizing this will help you to stay within your budget while finding a gorgeous engagement ring.

6. Consider Your Wedding Band 

While selecting an engagement ring, it would be forward-thinking to determine the type of wedding band that would suit the two of you. Has your future fiancée expressed an interest in a petite chevron pave band? This knowledge can help you select an engagement ring that would compliment your wedding band beautifully. 

7. Know That Bigger Is Not Always Better 

While you may think that, logically, a larger-carat diamond communicates a more profound affection, that’s not always true. You can purchase a breath-taking handcrafted diamond engagement ring that stuns in a small size. In reality, your partner’s preference should come into play with this factor. If their personality and desires point toward understated elegance, there’s no pressure to buy a ring with a large diamond. 

8. Get Personal With Both Your Rings 

Perhaps you’ve decided you and the love of your life would like to design your rings together. With our custom ring designing experience, you can personalize nearly every detail of her engagement ring while keeping the selection process straightforward and inspiring. Choose an eternity band lined with oval-shaped diamonds in 18-karat rose gold, or select a half-eternity band with baguette-cut stones shining brightly across the platinum band. The choice is entirely yours. 

Noémie Offers Fine Handcrafted Engagement Rings 

One way to make engagement ring shopping expressly simple is to go directly to a jeweler who makes the ring-buying process straightforward and enjoyable. At Noémie, we’re happy to provide you with handcrafted diamond ring options along with custom design options so that you can select the engagement ring that feels right. Let’s look at a few timeless options you may consider for your future spouse. 

The Solitaire Ring 

A lone diamond carries a particular wonder. Our Noémie Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring is proof that less is more sometimes. Customize the carat weight you desire with 18-karat gold in your choice of rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. If your budget limits you, you can opt for our Lab-Grown Solitaire Ring instead for just as much brilliance. 

The Halo Pavé 

Would your beloved enjoy more shimmering diamonds included in their engagement ring? If so, Our Noémie Halo Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring offers all the luxury you seek. Like the Solitaire Ring, you can make this ring personal by customizing the carat weight and the 18-karat gold color. Pair this ring with another petite diamond wedding band for increased romantic glamour. 

The Criss Cross Engagement Ring 

Perhaps your beloved loves bold beauty. They may tend to select lavish home decor that prompts compliments at every gathering. Keep their style in mind as you choose their ideal ring. 

One ring that may suit your future bride is our stunning Criss Cross Engagement Ring. You can customize this style by selecting 18-karat white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum and choosing the carat size. Its one-of-a-kind twisted design will leave her speechless.  

Noémie Handcrafts Brilliant Wedding Bands

As we mentioned, it’s a good idea to keep your wedding bands in mind throughout the engagement ring planning. At Noémie, we have a carefully curated assortment of wedding bands you can exchange to signify your affection and devotion to one another. If you’d prefer to plan your rings together, you may decide to customize the groom’s wedding band to be personal for your story. 

In Conclusion 

You should enjoy every part of your engagement and wedding. Although choosing an engagement ring and wedding bands may feel unfamiliar to you, we’re here to make it uncomplicated. The process of selecting your Noémie engagement ring is delightfully straightforward, so you can get back to celebrating your excitement over the person you’ve chosen to love.  


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