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How To Make a Ring Smaller: When and How To Resize a Ring

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How To Make a Ring Smaller: When and How To Resize a Ring

It’s the moment you've been waiting for: your partner shares their deepest affections for you and asks you to be their truest love for both your lives. It's then that you see the engagement ring of your dreams before your eyes, and they slip it onto your finger in a moment of bliss after your glowing "yes." 

A whirlwind of emotions follows, and it isn't until the next day that you realize the ring you love is too loose. Here's everything you need to know about resizing a band and choosing wedding jewelry that fits properly.

Why You Might Need Your Ring Resized 

There are several reasons you might find yourself needing to get your ring sized down. Your engagement band or wedding ring are pieces you'll want to feel comfortable wearing. When your band is too loose, you might feel uncomfortable constantly adjusting it. 

What's worse is that you may lose your band if it happens to slip off your finger one day. Let's look at a few scenarios that may constitute ring resizing.

You're a Different Weight 

If you've recently gone through a life transition, you may find that your weight has fluctuated. Losing weight means your fingers may be smaller, and your rings could feel looser. If you've noticed your rings feel looser than usual, it may be time to have them sized to fit you properly.

You've Moved to a New Climate 

Perhaps your world has changed in the past six months. You've moved to a new region where the temperature is consistently lower and less humid. If so, your rings may feel less tight than they used to. You may want to have your rings sized to fit you if you live in this new climate permanently.

It's Not Close to Your Ring Size 

After the excitement of getting engaged, you might have noticed your engagement ring doesn't fit you as well as you first thought. Though you likely don't want to part with your new favorite possession, it's best to take care of it sooner than later. When you get it back, you can go back to staring at it each day and dreaming of your future.

How Ring Resizing Takes Place 

You might be wondering how jewelers can fix your ring to fit you better. Here's a brief look at the process:

The jeweler snips the ring at its shank, then removes a small section of the band. Following this removal, the jeweler joins the two ends and solders them together. Then, they'll clean the ring so that it looks as smooth and luxurious as it did when you first saw it at your proposal. 

Tips for Buying a Ring That Fits 

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could avoid having your ring resized altogether? You can prevent the trouble of sending off your engagement band by taking a few simple steps before the proposal. 

Measure Well Before the Engagement 

Some people prefer to keep the proposal a surprise. It's a question that comes out of nowhere and produces a rush of excitement. Others enjoy communicating about their plans to share expectations about the future. 

If you discuss engagement with your partner before they propose, you have the opportunity to share your preferred ring styles and ring size with them. Doing this can help both of you to be prepared for the proposal, whenever it may come.

Choose a Jeweler With a Ring Sizer

Perhaps you and your partner have even looked at a few jewelers together in preparation for the proposal. Opt for a jeweler who offers a ring sizer to ensure an ideal fit for your wedding jewelry. 

At Noémie, we're happy to provide you with a free ring sizer to accompany your search for the perfect diamond engagement ring. Reach out by texting the number on our site to let us know.

Engagement Bands for When You've Determined Your Proper Size

Maybe you're still in the planning stages for getting engaged and married. If you haven't found your perfect ring, we have a few options we think you'll adore. Let's look at Noémie's engagement ring selections to find one that fits you perfectly.

The Criss Cross Engagement Band 

Some people choose to be more subdued in the way they dress and present themselves to the world. Others don't find as much joy in being reserved. We designed the Noémie Criss Cross engagement ring for those who celebrate luxury and bold glamour. 

Its twisting design displays hand-set pavé diamonds surrounding a vibrant focal stone. You can make this gorgeous ring more personal by choosing 18-karat white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum for its band. 

The Halo Pavé Band 

You can never go wrong with timeless styles when it comes to choosing wedding jewelry you'll enjoy for a lifetime. One well-loved classic design is the halo engagement ring. 

Our Noémie Halo Pavé Band features pavé diamonds surrounding the band to offer an enhanced beauty. It's brilliant enough to wear alone, but it looks stunning next to another diamond eternity wedding band. 

The Custom Diamond Ring Builder 

You know your style better than anyone. Maybe you and your partner have discussed your engagement and wedding band preferences, and you've decided that you want to have more control over your rings' design. 

In that case, our Custom Ring Builder creates an ideal experience for you to select the diamond shape, carat weight, and pavé band you enjoy most. It's straightforward to make customizing your ring an exciting, smooth experience.

The Lab-Grown Solitaire Band 

When you're shopping for diamond jewelry, you might feel inclined to select a lab-grown diamond. Jewelers mine these precious stones in a lab rather than buying stones mined from the earth. The growing process of lab-created diamonds is in every way identical to earth-created stones. The difference is a traceable footprint and a reduced cost. 

Lab-mined diamonds are not only beneficial for purifying the diamond supply chain, but they're also more affordable. This decrease in cost may be attractive to you if you and your partner are on a reduced budget in planning your engagement and wedding. Should you go for this option, you'll be happy to know your affordable lab-mined diamond jewelry is conflict-free, like all Noémie jewelry.

One lab-mined option that may pique your interest is our Noémie lab-mined Solitaire Ring. This ring design is eternally classic, attracting many brides for decades. The bright focal stone is wonderfully simple and will never lose its charm. 

Our Noémie Lab-Grown Solitaire ring contains the highest-quality diamond set in your choice of metal. You're free to customize the carat weight to display a stone that's as modest or extravagant as you'd like.

A Parting Word 

Your wedding planning is full of decisions to make, people to call, and events to schedule. Finding out your ring size ahead of time is the easiest option for avoiding resizing and ensuring that your engagement band fits well. 

At Noémie, we're happy to help you find the engagement ring that fits your finger and your tastes. With high-quality diamond jewelry and quick service, choosing a Noémie band is an ideal way to make your engagement smooth. You can enjoy the moment you say "yes" even more.


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