Our Seven Favorite Types of Necklaces for 2021

When you're working on improving yourself, you know that genuine, lasting change happens one good decision at a time. If you think about it, the same principle applies to developing a well-rounded style; upgrading your jewelry is a piece-by-piece endeavor. You can start this journey to an enhanced individual style by selecting a necklace that suits your personality while uplifting your look.

Here's Our Most-Loved Necklace Styles for This Year 

At Noémie, we're happy to join you on this quest for relevant pieces that elevate your day-to-day apparel. The first step to finding a necklace you admire is to know what's out there. As fashion trends roll in and out like tides, it's essential to choose styles that look effortlessly elegant in today's fashion and will continue to look timeless in the future. With that in mind, let's visit some of our most loved necklace styles of 2021.

Diamond Pendants Can Upscale Your Daily Look

Our first stop is the pendant. This necklace is unparalleled in its longevity, dating back to the stone age when wearing amulets and talismans around the neck were regular practices representing spirituality. 

This type of necklace is versatile, meaning you could wear it with your casual wear and your date-night apparel alike. Go for a diamond pendant if you're looking for a necklace that adds effortless glamour. 

Chokers Add a Minimalistic Touch 

Chokers may not have a history as extensive as pendants, but their history is rich nonetheless. Trend-setters and everyday people alike have worn this style through the centuries, with motivations ranging from political commentary to expression of personal style. 

Understandably, chokers are time-tested for their minimalist beauty. Consider adding a delicate diamond choker to your collection for a piece that adds subtle elegance to whatever you wear with it. 

Nature-Inspired Pieces Are Always Eye-Catching 

Do you feel connected to nature? Many people appreciate the earth's many forms of life and growth for their grounding energy. Wearing necklaces with animals or natural elements displayed is one timeless way to respect the beauty of our universe while complimenting your other jewelry. Try wearing this style layered with another shorter necklace for an eclectic look. 

Spirituality-Themed Necklaces Help Celebrate Who You Are 

For centuries, people have worn jewelry with the motivation of warding off evil spirits or displaying their devotion to a particular deity or belief system. Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, wearing jewelry with spiritual themes is one way to honor the cultures of all those who share this planet today and have contributed to its advancement in the past. This kind of necklace can be a conversation starter, so wear it boldly.

Seven Noémie Necklaces To Fall in Love With

Are you inspired to try new styles of necklaces in your evening wear or casual attire? We're happy to show you our favorite handcrafted necklaces you can add to your jewelry collection. With these necklaces, you can choose to represent your beliefs or pay homage to historically loved pieces. Let's look at seven pieces that would make a terrific addition to your wardrobe. 

7. The Evil Eye Diamond Necklace 

Remember our discussion about pendants? This style began as a way to ward off evil spirits, and the Evil Eye Diamond Necklace is a representation of this ancient belief. In 18-karat yellow gold with diamond accents and a striking blue sapphire center, this eye-shaped pendant is an excellent option for expanding your jewelry collection. You can delve into this style even further by adding the evil eye ring to your jewelry box, too. 

6. The Elephant Pendant Necklace 

Are you the sort of person who can't get enough of seeing the world? Perhaps you're constantly enamored by the earth's vegetation, animal life, and natural beauty. You can represent your connection to the planet with our Elephant Pendant Necklace. 

In 18-karat rose gold, this pendant is a symbol of loyalty and wisdom that you can cherish. Wear it alone or pair it with another delicate necklace, if you like.

5. The Diamond Crescent Necklace

Here's a necklace style you can wear for any occasion. Our Diamond Crescent Necklace contains a one-half-carat weight of round white diamonds set close together. The diamonds in this necklace sit in a crescent shape that gently accents the curvature of your neck as you wear it. It's the perfect piece to add refinement to your leisurewear or complement your look at any black-tie event. 

4. The Crescent Moon Necklace 

Do others often remark that you have unique energy? Perhaps you have an admiration for the universe that is unlike any other, and it shows. Represent your love for all things celestial and spiritual with our Crescent Moon Necklace

In the 18-karat gold color of your choice, this necklace displays illustrious white round diamonds graduating in size on a slim crescent moon. If you want to complete the look, try layering this piece with our diamond star necklace

3. The Five Diamond Necklace

Here's a piece that's glowing with simplicity and decadence. Our Five Diamond Necklace displays five gorgeous VS clarity princess diamonds bezel-set in 18-karat round gold settings. 

This delicate piece is ideal for wearing alone as a choker or pairing with another handcrafted pendant of your choosing for an eclectic look. Customize this necklace in white gold or rose gold for a piece that most suits your wardrobe. 

2. The Zodiac Necklace 

The 21st century is entirely about self-expression. Tattoos and brightly colored hair are more common than ever before. Why not make your personality known with unique fine jewelry? 

One of our favorite necklaces that displays your spirit is our Zodiac Necklace. This piece dazzles with brilliant round diamonds encircling an etched design in the center of a pendant. Wear it in rose gold or white gold to complement your daily style. 

1. The Custom Name Necklace 

Do you have a word or name that's dear to your heart? Perhaps you'd like to give a loved one a personal gift showing their name. Our Custom Name Necklace allows you to easily display your most treasured name or inspiring word for the world to see. 

Wear it in 18-karat rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold. Alternatively, you can select to have it set with brilliant F/G color diamonds tracing every letter. 

Final Tips for Wearing Necklaces 

Learning from history is one way to ensure you choose styles that will come back again and again. When it comes to the jewelry you enjoy, don't be afraid to add a flare that makes your look personalized. Add captivating earrings or an eye-catching ring if that's your style. Choosing timeless jewelry pieces means you have some space to customize your look. 

In Summary 

In the end, you have an energy that no one else has. As you look through timeless necklaces that are perfect for this year, remember that building your collection is a journey. 

Select each piece gingerly yet freely. Allow yourself to experiment with novel styles while choosing the necklaces that could stay with you through trips to Paris and the grocery store alike. At Noémie, we'll always have the right piece to wear to highlight your spirit. 


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