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Best friend or not, diamonds make you a happier person! Starting from the time you own one, a diamond holds a lifetime of memories, love, possibilities, and dreams. Diamonds may represent their sense of achievement, luxury, elegance, and style.

No one wants their beloved sparkling rings to lose luster. Whether you’re preparing to buy your engagement ring and wedding band or you’ve owned your bridal rings for years, knowing how to clean them can benefit you. 

Often a symbol of emotional and financial investment, there are a lot of sentiments attached to the diamond jewelry you own, especially when you choose an item from Noémie. Hence, to keep it shining forever, the diamond must be valued, and its signature sparkle should be taken care of. 

Diamonds, Like Every Gift of Nature, Need Care

They are resilient and the hardest natural-occurring substance on the planet, but diamonds still need a lot of careful handling. Here is a quick guide on how to clean & maintain the eternal sparkle of your diamonds.

According to experts, the oil deposited from a human finger can cause dirt to collect and affect this gemstone’s brilliance. These billion-year-old natural diamonds need proper care and cleaning to retain their natural sparkle. The same thing goes for lab-created stones—these man-made diamonds hold the same sparkle as natural stones and need to be treated with the same respect. Whichever type of stone you prefer, you can find options that suit you with Noémie. 

No matter where your precious diamond jewelry stands on the diamond clarity chart, keep your diamonds sparkling with some of the best tips and tricks that we have curated to care for your diamond jewelry.

How To Clean Your Diamonds

In order to make sure that your diamonds retain their gorgeous shine, you need to make sure that you’re taking care of your stones. When it comes to the best way to clean your diamond jewelry, you can choose from both at-home and professional options. 

1. Using Home-Based Cleaners

The Gemological Institute of America suggests that the simplest way to keep your diamonds squeaky clean is to soak them in a gentle and mild cleaning jewelry-cleaning solution, such as warm water and diluted dish soap or an ammonia-based household cleanser, once or twice a week. Use a new, soft toothbrush, reserved only for the jewelry cleaning process, to remove any remaining dirt. To renew the shine, remember to clean the back of the diamond, which attracts the oil and grime. Store-bought non-abrasive jewelry cleaners are a good alternative to brushing.

It is important to note that the diamond should be handled gently, and the fragile settings and you should not vigorously scrub the prongs to avoid scratching. Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth after you rinse the diamonds thoroughly with water. Paper towels can also scratch your ring.

Some agents that should never be used when cleaning diamonds are chlorine bleach, harsh chemicals, or abrasives, such as household cleaners, acetone, or toothpaste. These corrosive agents contain chemicals that can severely erode the metals used to alloy gold for diamond settings.

Avoid cleaning the jewelry near the sink and if you have to, make sure you cover the sink drain so that the jewelry doesn’t slip and go down the drain. It is also a good practice to use a rubber sink mat to prevent diamonds from breaking or chipping if dropped accidentally.

2. Using Ultrasonic Cleaners Professionally

Professional cleaning is highly recommended by experts. While a home method works wonders, having your diamond cleaned periodically by a professional jeweler restores its shine.

There are two ways your jeweler can clean your diamond. The first method is using a steam cleaner and the second is using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. An ultrasonic cleaner helps to clean by removing coated and hidden dirt on diamonds. An ultrasonic cleaner sends high-frequency sound waves through a vibrating liquid solution to remove the accumulated dirt and build-up, whereas a steam cleaner will use high-pressure steam to remove dirt and build-up.

We advise you to proceed cautiously and consult a professional who can determine whether your diamonds actually do need a thorough treatment because these procedures can also shake loose gems from their mountings if not handled delicately. However, before placing your diamond in an ultrasonic cleaner, make it a point to refer to the diamond’s grading report, which reveals whether the diamond will be able to withstand the treatment. Owing to prior wear and tear, in some cases, it might be recommended to stick to more delicate ways of cleaning it.

Why It’s Important To Clean Diamond Rings

You already know how dirt, makeup, and perfume can collect on your ring’s surface during everyday wear to dull the shine of your diamond over time. Still, you might be wondering why you need to clean your diamond ring before you see those signs of dirt. Rather than waiting until it’s too late, cleaning your ring routinely allows you to enjoy it for longer.

You can think of this practice as a way to invest in the life of your ring. By setting aside time to wash your diamonds weekly, you can enjoy their beauty to their fullest quality. Here are a few other reasons to clean your rings often.

Clean Your Diamond Jewelry To Keep Old Jewelry Looking Spectacular 

Perhaps you have been married for a decade. 10 years of memories is a milestone worth celebrating. Even so, if you have not been routinely cleaning your ring during those years, you may notice your ring looking less clear and duller. Cleaning your older pieces routinely can make you feel the excitement you felt when you saw the sparkling diamonds for the first time. 

Wash Diamond Rings To Avoid Paying for Cleaning Later 

They say that a stitch, in time, saves nine. That saying communicates the necessity of preserving quality now to avoid having to restore quality later through a greater amount of work. Your legacy deserves preservation. Rather than waiting until it’s necessary to clean your diamond rings, put in a small amount of diligence to enjoy your diamond bridal jewelry without ceasing.

How To Store Your Diamonds

One of the oldest and the hardest gems on our planet, diamonds need to be treasured and cared for to keep their sheen intact for ages. Due to their natural strength, diamonds often damage other metals, gemstones, and even other diamonds. Hence, it is recommended that once you take off your favorite pieces of diamond jewelry, they are better off stored separately from other pieces of jewelry.

 Experts recommend storing your diamonds in their proper boxes or storing them in soft cloth pouches to protect them from damage. Also, make sure you store the jewelry box in a cool, dry, and secure place, as moisture in the air could tarnish the metal.

To protect your diamonds and keep them safe, you can also have them insured against theft, damage, or loss. Several insurance companies offer specific insurance policies and warranty coverage benefits for diamond engagement rings or other types of jewelry.

Tips and Tricks for Diamond Care

Caring for diamonds outside of cleaning them is essential. Some of the things you should keep in mind to avoid damage or premature aging of your diamonds are:

  • Avoid thick lotions and creams that can result in residue build-up on your diamond rings/bracelets. This can cause discoloration—especially if your jewelry is made of white gold or platinum.
  • Avoid wearing your rings when you indulge in any labor-intensive activities such as sports, gardening, or swimming. This will help to keep the diamond secure in its setting and prevent natural oils from your hands from building up around the stone.
  • Remember to remove your jewelry while cooking as food and other oils can get stuck in the crevices or discolor your ring.
  • Perfume, sunscreen, hairspray, detergents, and bleach used in everyday life contain harsh abrasive solutions that can erode or dull the settings of your diamond.
  • When removing diamond jewelry, experts and craftsmen insist that you shouldn’t pick it up by the stone or setting. Instead, always pick it up by the band to ensure the diamond is secure in the setting.
  • It’s also recommended that you take your diamond to an authorized jeweler for periodic professional cleaning once every six months to ensure its longevity. Stay updated on maintenance appointments and bring your diamonds for inspection where the jeweler can examine the setting and check your jewelry for any weakness or trauma, loose claws.

These wonders of nature are meant to be handled with care, and exercising a little caution goes a long way in maintaining and extending the life of your precious jewelry. This way, regular cleaning can restore the luster and sparkle of your prized diamonds for generations to come.

What Do You Do When Diamond Jewelry Is Beyond Help? 

Sometimes, you face a moment in the life of your jewelry when you have to admit that it no longer looks as brilliant as it once did. There are many reasons your bridal jewelry can lose its luster. Perhaps the diamond quality was not of a high caliber. At the time you purchased your rings, you may have had a smaller budget and opted for a less valuable stone.

You have a few options when you notice your jewelry is beyond the help of standard cleaning methods. Explore the following ideas to see what might best suit your desires.

Replace Faux Stones With Elegant Diamonds 

At the time of your engagement, you and your partner may have only been able to afford imitation diamonds in your bridal ring set. You can cherish the sentimentality that accompanies your first engagement and wedding band while also recognizing that it’s time for something new. 

If you’ve noticed that your typical everyday jewelry no longer wows you with its radiance and clarity, consider upgrading your rings. Replacing your original jewelry with fine, handcrafted diamond pieces can give your collection new life. 

Make Room for New Heirlooms 

If replacing your diamond rings sounds like too significant a change, there’s no need to worry. You can treat yourself to diamond jewelry that adds to your trademark jewelry. You don’t have to throw out the old to make room for new pieces that can delight you and those you love for years in the future.

Where To Find Handcrafted Diamond Jewelry 

Whether it’s time to upgrade worn pieces or add brilliant new diamonds into your assemblage, you have a right to superb-quality diamonds. As you begin to open your mind to the pieces you might choose for yourself, there are a few suggestions for you to consider. Explore the following Noémie pieces to find inspiration for diamond jewelry that fits your essence.

Noémie Diamond Anniversary Rings 

Approaching milestone anniversaries is an occasion worthy of celebration. A love story that spans 20, 40, or 60 years deserves some praise. As you reflect on the precious moments you’ve shared with your partner over the years, think about your engagement ring and wedding bands. If they appear worn, you may want to ask a jeweler to create replicas of your prized possessions to commemorate the value in your commitment to one another.

Alternatively, you may feel that your relationship with your spouse is eternally different than it was at the start. The two of you may have grown and changed so much that you wish to have new rings made to honor the transformation you’ve witnessed. 

If you wish to have rings crafted to honor your original wedding jewelry, consider working with a Noémie jewelry artisan through our custom ring design experience. Within this process, you can list pictures of the designs that inspire you, mark your intended budget, and include any other details about the diamonds you’d like featured in your rings. We’re pleased to help make your dreams become a reality. 

When you’re searching for anniversary bands you can wear to celebrate decades of marriage, consider how these options can help you remember your unique relationship:

  1. Noémie Diamond Eternity Band – This band is as timeless as they come. With premium white diamonds encircling the entire band, this ring sparkles from every angle. Wear this eternity band alone or next to your engagement ring. 
  2. Noémie Graduate Spiral Ring – Our graduating spiral ring is one-of-a-kind. This piece displays gorgeous diamonds that graduate in size along with a spiral 18-karat gold band. This ring is perfect for those who want to commemorate grand milestones. 

Noémie Diamond Engagement Rings 

Perhaps you’re reading this because you’re preparing to get engaged, and you want to know all the best tips for keeping your jewelry looking its best. If you and your partner have not yet selected a ring, you’re in the right place. We’re happy to be a part of your unique story by introducing you to fine, handcrafted diamond rings for women. You can find your perfect engagement ring below by surveying a few of our favorite options.

  1. Noémie Halo Pavé – When you’re searching for a band that dazzles with radiance from every angle, the halo pavé is a terrific option. The band features 18-karat gold in either a rose, white, or yellow color. Delicate pavé diamonds line the band and encircle the brilliant center stone to create an illustrious piece of jewelry.
  2. Noémie Criss Cross Engagement Ring – Are you the type of person who wants a unique engagement ring? Perhaps you prefer to stay true to your personality and style, and your partner admires that. As you search for rings, keep our Criss Cross ring in mind. It’s an excellent option for those who prefer vibrant designs.
  3. Noémie Lab-Grown Solitaire – Perhaps you’ve heard of lab-grown stones. You might know that they’re an affordable way to enjoy diamonds in your jewelry while remaining completely conflict-free in your purchase. Did you also know lab-grown stones are nearly indistinguishable from earth-mined stones? You can have remarkable diamonds in your engagement ring without sacrificing your budget or your values.

Noémie Diamond Necklaces 

As you consider your diamond jewelry collection, you could be starting to realize that many of your pieces are beginning to look dull and tired. Perhaps you realize that the imitation diamond necklace you have worn on occasion doesn’t seem to offer as much luster as it did at first. 

One option you have is to try cleaning your diamond necklaces just as you would your diamond rings. On the other hand, you might want to treat yourself to long-lasting handcrafted diamond jewelry that won’t lose its charm. One of these pieces might be right for you.

  1. Noémie Five Diamond Necklace – This diamond necklace can accent many various choices of evening wear, chic loungewear, and casual couture. Each minimal stone accents your collarbone with exquisite quality. You can wear it alone or pair it with a lovely pendant necklace hanging below for a more bohemian appearance. 
  2. Noémie One Carat Diamond Necklace – If you prefer bold diamonds, you may enjoy this selection. Our Kathe Mera diamond necklace displays a gorgeous one-carat diamond on an 18-karat gold chain. It’s a symbol of simplicity and everlasting beauty. We think this makes a terrific anniversary gift if you’d prefer to choose a necklace over a ring. 

Other Timeless Jewelry Heirlooms 

What is the purpose of your jewelry? To some, jewelry is temporary. They may purchase faux stones and sub-par gold and silver metals because they have short-lived expectations for their jewelry.

We think jewelry can not only enhance your life in the present, but it can also illuminate the future as an heirloom. When you choose fine, handcrafted pieces from Noémie, you can delight in the fact that your loved ones can enjoy your pieces, too. 

One recommendation for a piece of heirloom jewelry is our Noémie Tennis bracelet. This piece is timeless and comfortable, with high-quality diamonds. It’s an ideal piece you can treasure for decades and gladly pass along to someone you love to enjoy for longer. 

Your Diamonds Deserve To Shine

It doesn’t matter whether your jewelry is made with lab-created stones or natural diamonds—these stunning gifts from nature deserve to be treated with respect. After all, don’t you want your stunning diamond tennis bracelet or customized letter necklace to catch the attention of everyone that you meet with its inner fire? 

The same goes for diamond rings. That band is meant to be a symbol of your everlasting love for your partner, and so, much like you care for your relationship, you should give your jewelry the attention it deserves. 

And if you’re just getting started with diamond jewelry, there is no better place to find what you’re looking for than Noémie. Our designs are fully customizable when it comes to your choice of karat, metal color, and even personal engravings, or you can work with one of our designers to create a piece that is uniquely you. 

Even more exciting, we offer free returns on even our custom designs, so you don’t have to accept anything less than your perfect piece of jewelry. With all these incredible options from Noémie, make sure that you’re taking good care of your precious diamond jewelry by taking the proper maintenance steps. 


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