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The Best Wedding Ring Engraving For a Personal Touch

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The Best Wedding Ring Engraving For a Personal Touch

Your wedding day is a day you share with your significant other… and dozens of other people. Some people get through their entire day and feel that it was a whirlwind from start to finish. You deserve to feel present with your spouse as you exchange vows and rings. One way to remain personal and present is to exchange beautiful wedding bands engraved with messages only you can see. 

Why to Make Your Wedding Jewelry Personal 

Most married couples wear wedding rings. They usually plan a ceremony and wear dresses and tuxedos. Everyone knows a wedding will have a first dance, and someone will serve cake after the dancing starts. Making your wedding jewelry more personal is a way to have a moment that's just your own. Engraving your handcrafted wedding bands is one unique touch for just you and your spouse to enjoy. Let's explore a few examples of messages you could include in your engravings.

Romantic Movie Quotes 

Do you and your fianceé rewatch one romantic comedy from time to time? Perhaps it was the movie you watched on your first date, and you watch it to remember that time in your relationship. Maybe there's one line you both hold onto and quote to one another from time to time. These lines can make excellent inscriptions for the inside of your bands. Here are some classic movie quote examples.

"You Complete Me" 

If you've seen Jerry Maguire, you know how iconic these three words are. Have them inscribed on a handcrafted Baguette Eternity Band for a personal twist on a well-loved ring. Your partner will look at the message and be reminded of the ways you're perfect for each other. 

"Body and Soul" 

The relationship between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice might be one you and your partner initially found relatable. The line, "You have bewitched me, body and soul," is one that captivated the hearts of many Pride and Prejudice fans. You can have the words "body and soul" engraved on your Half Band Diamond Ring to remember how enthralled you are with your partner. 

"It Was Like Magic" 

Fans of Sleepless in Seattle know how magical true love is. As the full quote explains, a million little things add up to mean you're in love with one person. If you're a fan of this film, you might enjoy the engraving "it was like magic" on your Bezel Diamond Ring to continuously recall how wonderful it is to love a million little things about your partner. 

Song Lyrics 

You and your beloved may connect over many things. Whether it's art, poetry, or nature, you've formed memories over shared experiences that strengthened your intimacy. Along the way, you may have chosen a few songs to be 'your songs,' and their lyrics still bring back dear memories to your heart today. You can engrave a lyrical phrase you both love into your rings for an intimate addition to your wedding day. 

Inside Jokes 

Every relationship experiences moments that impact them for the long run. Sometimes, these moments are hilarious and become memorialized with phrases you use over and over. You exchange these secret words as a language only the two of you can decipher. Engrave them on your Diamond Wedding Band to hold onto this message throughout your marriage.

Your Unique Shared Memories 

Some memorable moments are more meaningful than funny. Maybe when you and your beloved see each other for the first time, you exchange a sweet, "hi, darling!" You might have a singular word such as "always." Your relationship's unique phrases are worth remembering forever through engraving them. 

The Location Where You Fell in Love

It was a surprise trip to New York City. You had been dating for two months, and the electricity was palpable. The weekend you shared there changed your lives forever; it's where you realized you were in love. You can remember this pivotal moment by choosing Noémie's I Love You City Band. When you see the engraving, you'll remember how it felt to be two kids in love in NYC.

Wedding Bands You Can Engrave with Your Message

Maybe by now, some brilliant ideas have begun to brew. You're thinking of touching phrases you could engrave into your wedding band to create that priceless shared moment with your partner. If you're still looking for a band, let us show you four of our favorites. Each Noémie band is handcrafted with high-quality materials and allows you to engrave a message for no extra cost. 

Baguette and Round Diamond Band

Do you enjoy wearing jewelry that exudes a unique essence? Maybe you've always liked combining different styles to create interesting hybrids. Our Baguette and Round Diamond Band is available in high-quality 18K white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. Engrave your message into this band for a ring that's even more unique. 

The Two-Carat Diamond Ring Eternity Band 

For some, glamour is a necessity, not a privilege. If you find yourself gravitating toward delicious sparkling white diamonds, this Two-Carat Diamond Eternity Band might be perfect for you. Each round stone in this band is a VS clarity and F/G color grade diamond. As with all of our jewelry, this piece comes complete with an IGI certificate to show you how authentic your jewelry is. Engrave this band for a luxurious ring that's rich with meaning.

The Open Band Ring

You might be the type of person who enjoys symbolism throughout the objects in your life. If that's the case, Our Open Band Ring is sure to inspire you. Not only does it display your engagement ring in an impressive way, but it can be a reminder to you to always keep an open heart toward your beloved throughout your journey together. Have this band engraved with a shared message from your relationship to make your ring even more sentimental.

Custom Diamond Ring 

Finally, if you want a ring that's truly one-of-a-kind, you're free to design your own. You deserve wedding bands that inspire you as a couple and represent who you are. You can create custom wedding bands that are perfect for you and your partner through these two methods:

Custom Ring Builder: Use this convenient tool to build your own wedding band. You can customize your band with your preferred diamond shape, metal, pavé style, and carat-weight to ensure your engraved band is true to your style. 

Custom Ring Form: Through our custom ring form, you can include your desired budget and inspiration photos to let us know precisely how you'd like your ring to look. We're happy to use this form to provide you with an even more detailed, hands-on experience planning your desired engraved band. 


Elevate your wedding experience with engraved wedding bands that remind you of your unique relationship. Engraving is a subtle touch, but it will add personality and character to the rings you treasure. When you select Noémie fine handcrafted rings, you know they'll look stunning on the outside and hold a meaningful message on the inner rim. Consider having your rings engraved so that you can enjoy your one-of-a-kind bond each time you see the message only you two know.


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