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How to Build the Perfect Stackable Rings Set

11 mins read time
How to Build the Perfect Stackable Rings Set

What's better than wearing one striking ring? Stacking rings together can make them even more stunning collectively than alone. If this style is new to you, you may be looking for tips on how to start stacking rings the right way. No worries. We'll walk through the steps for how to build a ring set that stacks perfectly for your style. 

1. Choose Your Metals 

Like with any jewelry, you'll want to decide which metal is right for you. Will it be cool platinum or neutral white gold? Should your ring's bands be primarily warm yellow gold or romantic rose gold? This choice ultimately depends on your skin tone, your wardrobe color palette, and your preference. 

All One Color 

First, you have the option to select rings in the same metal color. If you'd like to stick with the classics, try selecting all platinum rings or all white gold. If you'd like a warmer look with more vitality, opt for yellow gold. For a softer alluring look, try pairing rose gold rings together. 

Each of these monochrome sets gives off a slightly different look, so choose according to the style you'd like to incorporate with your outfits. 

Mixing Metals 

You're welcome to mix metals as well. In fact, mixing metals can be quite exciting when done tastefully. Platinum and yellow gold pair together well to give you a fire-and-ice interaction. Rose gold can also pair well with yellow gold to enhance the warmth of your jewelry even more. 

2. Find Your Size

You'll want to make sure your rings' size is correct for the finger you'd like to wear it on. Do you want this ring stack to be a bold combination worn on your middle finger? Will your ring stack include any midi rings? Use a ring sizing guide to ensure your rings will be the right size to stack with the others. 

3. Choose Your Theme 

After choosing which color bands suit you most, you'll want to decide on the theme you'd like your stacks to be. Do you want to show off dainty silhouettes with delicate stacks? Would you rather have at least one bold, eye-catching ring involved in your stack? Perhaps you adore the past generations' jewelry shapes, and you'd prefer a stack that incorporates gemstones with vintage inspiration. You're free to choose whatever theme you'd like.


Dainty stackable rings are quite popular. It makes total sense, too. Pairing these delicate rings together creates a refined, minimalistic jewelry set that will elevate virtually any outfit. This option has to be the most straightforward since you don't have to worry about any of the rings clashing with one another or being too busy. 

Stack dainty rings at the bottom of your finger or size down to a midi ring and place one just above the second joint in your finger. 


It may be a little more challenging to create a stackable set with bold rings, but it can be done. For this theme, try to pick only one ring to be the bold centerpiece for the stack. Then, select smaller rings to stack with it or on an adjacent finger. The right combination of a bold statement ring with delicate complementary pieces can be a show-stopper.


Of course, you may be looking for a style that is uniquely yours. We don't blame you. For your convenience and authenticity, we can customize a ring for you so that you get exactly what you’re looking for. You can create your own centerpiece, then check out our rings collection for bands that might complement your one-of-a-kind ring. 

4. Choose High-Quality Rings 

You should pay attention to the quality of rings as you choose stackable bands. Let's imagine that you invested in only one high-quality ring and decided to stack the rest using lower-quality rings. The low-quality rings would either turn your finger green or begin to discolor themselves. It wouldn't be a good match in the end because the high-quality ring would continue to look great, while the lower-quality one would eventually have to be thrown away. 

Diamond Quality & Carat 

One aspect you should measure concerning your rings' quality is their diamond quality and carat weight. Opting for low-quality diamonds may be your cheapest option, but your stones will have discoloration visible to the eye. Decide your budget to decide your quality. 

Noémie proudly uses F/G color and VS clarity diamonds. When you order from Noémie, you'll know you're receiving beautiful pieces of jewelry with exceptional quality. 

Premium Metals 

Once you've decided whether platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum is for you, it's time to determine what karat of gold you'd prefer. At Noémie, we proudly offer fine handcrafted jewelry made with exclusively 18k gold and platinum. Go with the metal you love when you shop with Noémie. Know you're always receiving something made with care and worthy of your wearing. 

5. Choose From Noémie's Stackable Rings

Now that we've been over a few of the preliminary steps to choosing your stacking rings, it's time to search for the one perfect for you. Let's take a look at slim silhouettes, bold centerpieces, and unique ring pairings. 

Slim Silhouettes

If you prefer to do a lot with a little, slim stacking rings may be your favorite new style to try. Let's explore some of your options for stacking thin rings. 

  • Bezel Diamond Ring:  This band features 1/2 carats of bezel-set round diamonds. It's hand-etched with fine milgrain details and will shine brilliantly next to your other bands. Its petite look makes it a perfect candidate for complementing the rings you already love to wear.

  • Petite Diamond Band Ring: Perhaps our most stackable ring, this band displays 17 pavé diamonds in an 18k gold band. Layer this piece with other petite diamond bands for a uniform look or accent bolder styles. For extra flair, size down this ring to wear above your second finger joint as a midi ring. 

  • Sapphire Eternity Band: Do you love brilliant colors in your jewelry? Our handcrafted sapphire eternity band allows you to choose pink, blue, or orange sapphires to line your band for a vibrant elegance.

Show-Stopping Center Pieces 

You can include bold styles of rings in your stacking. Here are a few designs that will fit well with slimmer bands for an interesting ring pair:

  • Custom Diamond Ring Builder: You might be hoping to design something that's all your own. Our custom ring builder allows you to take control and decide how glamorous or delicate you'd like your ring to be. Once you've finished designing your ring, try it out next to one of our petite diamond band rings. 

  • Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring: This symbol of eternal love is perfect for pairing with other dainty bands. It features a 1/5-carat stone and is a timeless reminder of romance and vulnerability.

  • Bohemian Dancer Ring: Do you prefer clothing silhouettes that are flowy and loose? Perhaps you gravitate toward jewelry that has lots of movement. This diamond ring is inspired by the beaded skirts of ancient belly dancers. Its whimsical movement will pair well with dainty rings that you wear along with it. 

Unique Ring Pairings 

If you're someone who takes pride in the unique way you dress, you probably want to coordinate the jewelry you wear to express your individuality. Try these exciting ring combinations to represent a style that is uniquely yours. 

  • Chevron Ring With Your Engagement Ring: Though this ring is gorgeous on its own, it's also a perfect candidate for pairing. You can use it as a wedding band to exchange with your loved one or simply pair it alongside your wedding band and engagement ring. 

  • Three Diamonds Stacking Ring With Our Gold Heart and Diamonds Ring: These two together can create an eclectic style for those who prefer exciting combinations. Try them both in the same color. If you love both of these rings but don't want to stack them, try wearing one on your pointer finger and the other on your ring finger. 

  • Graduate Ring with Our Bezel Diamond Ring - Wear this striking piece with confidence. The spiral shape makes for an eye-catching centerpiece for your stack. When you accent the 1 Carat Graduate ring with our Bezel Diamond Ring, you'll create a combination that exudes bold brilliance.

In Conclusion

Your jewelry should accent your style and your spirit. Whether you're someone who delights in dressing for a minimalistic fashion or someone who likes to layer bold elements, you can find a stackable ring set that works for your taste. When you choose to layer rings from Noémie, you can be sure that your rings' quality lasts your lifetime. 


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