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The Baguette Wedding Diamond Explained

8 mins read time
The Baguette Wedding Diamond Explained

Brilliant, round, oval, emerald…there are so many different types of diamonds to discover when it comes to finding the perfect bridal jewelry. While you may be drawn to the effervescent sparkle of a brilliant cut, you should also consider the sleek sophistication of the step-cut diamond. With a classic diamond shape and timeless elegance, a baguette ring may be just the thing to elevate your engagement ring.

But what are baguette diamonds, and how exactly can they enhance the look of your engagement or customized wedding rings

Keep reading to find out what makes the baguette diamond a classic and sophisticated cut above the rest.

What Is Baguette Diamond?

There are many unique and traditional diamond cuts in high demand for engagement and wedding bands. So, what is a baguette diamond cut, and what makes it stand out from a round or radiant cut? 

Rectangular and elongated, the baguette diamond shape is similar to that of other step-cut diamonds, like the emerald, asscher, and Carré, due to their linear facets. However, unlike a emerald cut diamond ring, which has beveled corners, the baguette features pointed edges for an ultra-sleek geometric look. 

The baguette and its 14-facet step-cut design became popular during the 1920s, yet its clean lines and art deco-inspired appearance make it a desirable cut today. Its sleek beauty adds elegance to many fine jewelry styles, from vintage-inspired glamor to subtle modern minimalist. 

What To Look For In a Baguette Diamond

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect baguette diamond ring to commemorate your forever romance, here are some tips on what to look for before making a purchase:


The beauty of step-cut diamonds like the baguette is their flat, mirror-like surface that reflects light more subtly than a brilliant-cut diamond. But, because of the unique 14-facet step-cut shape, flaws and imperfections are more easily noticeable, so look for the best quality you can find to ensure a smooth and clear glass-like appearance. Straight lines and even cuts are also important for beauty and balance. 

Color & Clarity

Unlike a brilliant cut diamond, which still sparkles with its many facets even with lower grade color and clarity, baguettes benefit from crisp and clear stones. Choose a baguette that sports a near-colorless grade or better to let the beauty of the stone really shine. 

At Noémie, we use only VS clarity and F-G color diamonds to ensure you’re getting the best in your forever jewelry. 


Consistency in size, shape, clarity, and cut is especially important when you have more than one baguette in your ring, or when you’re purchasing a matching set. You’ll want to examine each diamond to see if they’re consistent in appearance throughout. 

For example, if you have a pair of baguettes flanking a larger center stone, examine both sides to make sure they have an equal appearance for balance. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Baguette Diamonds

When searching for the perfect ethical lab grown diamond for your engagement or wedding band, consider the benefits of choosing a baguette cut diamond: 

  • It adds extra sparkle to any diamond ring style 
  • The shape lends well to stacking wedding bands and stackables 
  • It’s perfect for anchoring and accentuating larger center stones
  • It comes at an affordable price point 

However, the baguette diamond cut is not for everyone. It’s important to note that this cut: 

  • Shows blemishes more easily (which is why quality is key)
  • Offers a more subtle sparkle
  • It is not frequently used as a solitaire or the center stone
  • It is usually smaller in carat size than other lab grown diamond cuts

How To Care For a Baguette Diamond

As with any diamond engagement or wedding ring, proper care and maintenance will ensure sparkle and shine for years to come. If you choose a tapered baguette diamond for your bridal jewelry, your care and maintenance should include regular cleanings at home or through a professional jewelry cleaner, as well as inspections every 6 to 12 months to guarantee the setting is secure.

Baguette Diamond Ring Styles To Consider

The baguette diamond is incredibly versatile, whether providing accents on a three-stone engagement ring or emphasizing modern, clean lines on a wedding band. Here are a few of our favorite ways to feature the crisp clarity of a baguette in your wedding jewelry:

Eternity Band

An eternity band encircled entirely in baguette diamonds offers glistening, elegant vibes from every angle. 

Minimalist Band

Subtle and sophisticated, a minimalist single baguette ring will let the clarity and beauty of the baguette cut shine. 

Spiral Cut Band

A modern take on a channel band, a spiral cut baguette ring offers a unique shape that covers more surface area, catching the light from many angles for a stunning sparkle.  

Mixed Baguette Band

A baguette and round diamond band combines the clean glisten of the baguette diamond with the brilliant, stunning sparkle of a round diamond in a modern setting ideal for stacking. 

Custom Design Band

If you have a specific design in mind, consider working with our talented team to create a one-of-a-kind custom band that will bring your bridal jewelry dream to life. 

Noémie: Your Source For Beautiful Baguette Diamonds

If you have your heart set on including the classic beauty of baguette diamonds in your bridal jewelry, look no further than Noémie

We use only the finest quality materials in all of our fine jewelry, including 18 karat gold, VS clarity, and F-G color diamonds. From concept to completion, we handcraft each piece with care to bring you stunning, responsibly-sourced jewelry to last a lifetime. Find your forever pieces today, with our Noémie wedding band collection. 



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