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The Custom Name Necklace Comeback Explained

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The Custom Name Necklace Comeback Explained

If there’s one thing you can expect from fashion, it’s that trends never really die. They may fade from the mainstream, but more often than not, they’ll reenter the fashion world bigger and better the next time around.


You may have had a customized necklace when you were younger. And now, you can relive your glory days with an elevated piece of nostalgia. That’s right—the personalized name necklace trend is back and will be one of the most popular jewelry trends in 2023.

Let’s explore the recent renaissance of the custom necklace and discover how you can join this fashion revolution. By understanding the history and custom jewelry process of this accessory, you’ll realize why it’s a timeless essential.

The History of the Name Necklace

Before we discuss the recent necklace comeback, we need a little context about how this adorable accessory started. So break out the notebook and pencils, because history class is in session.

Custom necklaces gained popularity in the 80s and began their illustrious rise to fame. Like many staple fashion pieces, they exceeded several milestones along the way:

  • Cultural significance – A necklace with custom names was prevalent among the Black and Latinx communities in the early 80s. In an essay written by Isabel Flower and Marcel Rosa-Salas, they describe nameplates' role in giving people of color or low-income individuals room to take up space and combat threats of conformity.1
  • Pop culture pieces – As these nameplates grew in popularity among people of color, they started populating music videos of rappers and hip-hop artists. Suddenly, you couldn’t turn on MTV without seeing custom jewelry.
  • Mainstream attention – In the 2000s, custom name necklaces reached peak popularity in the mainstream media thanks to Sex And The City’s Carrie Bradshaw.2 Once this fictional fashion guru started sporting name necklaces, everyone wanted a piece. Suddenly the “Carrie Necklace” was as iconic as her shoe collection.

Seeing how the stance on name necklaces has shifted over the years provides insight into its recent comeback. You can count on your personalized necklace to help you take up space and claim your individuality, no matter the current trends.

Why the Name Necklace Is Back in Fashion

Even with a bit of historical background, you may be asking yourself the burning question: are name necklaces in style today?

While your own style doesn't need to conform to the current trends, you can rest assured that name necklaces are very much the now.

Next, we'll discuss how and why customized name necklaces have held their own over the years and can make an excellent addition to your jewelry collection.

#1 Customized Named Necklaces Follow Modern Trends

Whenever a new decade comes around, style experts try to dissect the main components that make up that era in fashion. Even though we're still in the early 2020s, we can pinpoint a few factors that define this time in fashion history.

Some terms to describe 2023 fashion may include:

  • Eclectic
  • Unique
  • Bold
  • Statement
  • Comfortable
  • Cutting-edge
  • Effective

The internet's rise and the cultural net's widening have created a fashion era unlike any other. Modern fashion borrows influence from all over the world.

In an age where it's essential to remain individualistic (and easy to follow in everyone else's footsteps), custom name necklaces can strengthen your style significantly.

Wear your name, nickname, or favorite mantra to express yourself to the changing world around you.

#2 Customized Named Necklaces Never Go Out of Style

Name necklaces have remained relevant throughout the years because they're incredibly timeless.

Another fashion trend that has swept up the nation revolves around minimalism. Inspired by the chic it-girls of the 90s, many cling to the idea of a put-together look for their everyday attire.

A custom name necklace provides a simple accent that punctuates your personality effectively and fabulously. Start your day off right with a simple gold custom name necklace and a subtle pair of earrings to complete the look.

#3 Name Necklaces Make a Bold Fashion Statement

Not only do custom necklaces allow you to showcase your unique name, but they also present an opportunity to show off something incredibly valuable: your style.

In the 80s, iced-out necklaces were the norm. In the early aughts, delicate cursive letters prevailed. There's no set rule for how nameplate necklaces should look these days. Instead, you can trust expert jewelers to deliver a custom necklace that checks every box.

Customize your necklace your way by tweaking features such as:

  • Metal – Do you prefer to look like a golden goddess or a silver moonbeam? Regardless of your preference, you can customize your necklace by opting for vibrant yellow gold or stunning sterling silver. Want something a little more romantic? Rose gold can bring some feminine flair to your blush.
  • Diamond inlays – Invite some sparkle to your statement piece. Adding gorgeous diamonds to your personalized jewelry can make for an exciting accessory you'll want to wear every day. If you're looking for the perfect gift for your significant other, look to diamonds to say everything words can't.
  • Font – Take your personalized necklace to the next level by ensuring every letter counts. Whether you prefer soft, elegant lettering or bold script, you can find the perfect font to reflect your personality.

By making a few adjustments, you can ensure that your custom necklace fits into your collection seamlessly. Trust your inner fashion guru and let your fine jewelry highlight the true you.

#4 Name Necklaces Make Meaningful Gifts

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a beautiful custom necklace with a name is worth even more.

Customized necklaces allow you to celebrate the things that mean the most to you. Whether you want to celebrate yourself, shower your loved one with love, or mark a significant occasion, name necklaces can do it all. With just a few words, you can say so much.

You don't even have to go the traditional route by spelling out a name. You can imbue meaning with other short, beautiful phrases, such as:

  • I love you
  • Queen
  • Bride-to-be
  • Angel

Custom necklaces prove excellent presents for showers, engagement parties, birthdays, or anniversaries. No matter the occasion, mark it with a piece of fine jewelry they will cherish forever. Or snag one for yourself. You've got to treat yourself every once in a while, right?

#5 Custom Necklaces Are Incredibly Versatile

Custom name necklaces provide plenty of style on their own, and they can also easily add some extra oomph to existing outfits (and accessories).

If you think you can only style a chain necklace one way, think again. You can make a personalized name necklace your own by subverting expectations or adding unique elements.

Explore all the possibilities custom necklaces have to offer by:

  • Layering necklaces – Add depth and visual interest to your outfit by layering your favorite necklaces. Opt for a smaller chain for your name necklace (so the lettering is highly visible) and surround it with longer chains. This difference in textures creates an eclectic yet intentional look that draws the eye.
  • Adding charm – Remember how much we all loved charm bracelets back in the MTV days? Put a new spin on it by adding some charms to your custom name necklace. Take a trip to your local craft store and grab some trinkets and jewelry tools, or leave it to the professionals and opt for expertly designed accents.
  • Matching accessories – If you've got a custom name necklace, why not pair it with a personalized bracelet or pair of earrings to match? By surrounding yourself with words that display your personality, you won't have to worry about first impressions. Your jewelry can do it for you.

A truly fantastic accessory can enhance multiple outfits rather than just one. Luckily, with their supreme versatility, name necklaces can elevate any ensemble—from simple sophistication to maximal statements.

#6 Celebrities Love Name Necklaces

If you want to know if a style trend holds legitimacy, look to your favorite celebrities and style icons. If you scan today’s Instagram feeds or fashion magazines, you may notice that customized necklaces have started popping up on many famous figures.

Some celebrities that can stop sporting this style include:3

  • Beyoncé
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Bella Hadid
  • Halsey
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Emily Ratajkowski

Claim your fame by rocking your own beautiful name. Because even if you’re not a celebrity, you can still be your own biggest fan. And if you’re looking for a memorable celebrity name to go by, you can always follow Beyonce and Cher’s lead and go for a one-word title. Talk about iconic.

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