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4 Ways to Style Your Custom Name Necklace

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4 Ways to Style Your Custom Name Necklace

We all know the feeling of finding a perfect piece of jewelry with your name written all over it. But there’s a unique pleasure in gifting yourself a 18k gold necklace with your actual name as the centerpiece.

Custom name necklaces, like our mama bracelet, allow you to state your presence loud and clear. Not only do these gorgeous chains have personal value and meaning, but they’re also incredibly stylish. To prove our point, we’ve included our favorite ways to style your personalized name necklace and make it pop.

Look out, world! There’s a new name in fashion—and she’s entering the room now.

#1 Dress It Up With Other Jewelry

A minimalistic approach can work well with a simple custom name necklace. However, if you prefer a grandeur entrance, pair it with some other gorgeous accessories.

A few shimmery pieces can catch the eye while still keeping your necklace the star of the show. If you need some inspiration, don't worry. We’ve got a few ideas:

  • Earrings – Since ears live relatively close to the neck, it's best to wear simple, sleek earrings, so you don't distract from the nameplate necklace. Studs or vintage earrings can work wonders. Opt for hoops instead of dangly earrings if you want something more dramatic.
  • Rings – Rings provide an excellent opportunity to show off some additional flair. Match the metal or style of your nameplate necklace for a cohesive look. Alternatively, some edgy rings can supply exciting contrast against a dainty chain.
  • Bracelets – A sleek design can work heavily in your favor if you want to add bracelets. Try classic 18k gold bands or a stunning tennis bracelet to draw the eye.

While adding jewelry can make you feel like royalty, less is usually more. When in doubt, follow The Coco Chanel Rule: Before leaving the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.1

#2 Layer Your Name Necklace

Just because your custom necklace looks gorgeous by itself doesn't mean it doesn't love company. Add some personality and pizazz to your look by layering multiple necklaces.

While you can feel free to let your style senses take over, there are a few tricks to the trade that we're more than happy to share. Consider these tips when layering personalized necklaces:

  • Wear short chains for your custom necklace
  • Wear long chains for a larger pendant
  • Wear chains of various lengths to avoid tangles

The layered look has come back into fashion recently, and we definitely support it. Create an elevated final look with minimal fuss—and keep that personalized name necklace the pièce de résistance.

#3 Consider Your Clothes

A necklace with custom name lettering that has gone through the custom jewelry process makes a stunning statement piece, so you should choose clothing that shows it off. Picking out the proper dress to accentuate your personalized necklace can make your custom chain necklace even more momentous.

Make the most of your custom name necklace by curating it with your outfit:

  • Color – Picking out clothing and jewelry that compliments your skin tone can make all of your features pop.2 If your skin has warm undertones, a gold custom name necklace will look beautiful when paired with colors like red, orange, and brown. If your undertones land on the cooler side, go for a silver necklace paired with cool blues, purples, and black.
  • Neckline – Match your personalized necklace chain with a shirt that has an appropriate neckline. For example, long chains go best with boat necks or turtlenecks, whereas short, choker-length chains work with medium necklines or V-necks.
  • Style – You can match elegant lettering with soft, lightweight clothing. Sharp, bold letters look natural with more structured clothing. However, when choosing a shirt to match your chain necklace, you can let your personal style lead the way.

No matter the clothes in your wardrobe, a name necklace custom-made for you can change how you look at your closet—and your mirror.

#4 Mix Materials

Fashion experts agree that mixing textures within an outfit can create an eye-catching ensemble.3 Try it out for yourself by implementing different materials in your look.

Instead of matching the metal of your custom name necklace, opt for accessories that include:

  • Pearls
  • Different chain textures
  • Gemstones
  • A matte finish
  • Organic materials (rope, wood, etc.)

When switching up materials, you can get as creative as you’d like. As long as you feel confident, your style options are infinite. And everyone will want to know your name.

Noémie: The Number One Name in Custom Jewelry

No matter how you style your customized necklace, the most important element starts with you. Custom jewelry has the power to combine stunning designs with valuable meaning to speak volumes. With all that choice at your fingertips, what do you want to say?

Say it all with Noémie.

Whether you're after a custom necklace that screams "self-love" or an engagement ring that says, "I do," Noémie designers are dedicated to fulfilling your wishes. Browse our custom collections and make your mark on the world today.


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