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11 Unique Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces You Won't Want To Take Off

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11 Unique Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces You Won't Want To Take Off

If you keep reaching for the same classic white gold tennis bracelet each day, why resist? Classics are well-loved for a reason. When you put that diamond line bracelet on as you get ready each day, it gives you a feeling of confidence in your trademark style. 

But what if you're looking for a little more variety, though? Adding rose gold into your jewelry might be the unique touch you've been trying to find. 

What Makes Rose Gold Stand Apart?

There are plenty of reasons you should give rose gold a try. The solid metal alloy has already made its mark in the 21st century. Why not explore what rose gold has to offer you? It's a fantastic piece that can help you broaden your taste while adding variety to your jewelry box. Refresh your every-day look with something new. Let's look at a few of the reasons you might want to add rose gold pieces to your every-day jewelry.

Rose Gold Is Romantic 

This metal is as strong as other typical jewelry metals, and it holds a distinct beauty all on its own. Perhaps you're looking for a ring that possesses more romantic, emotional sentiment. This metal is perfect for those who enjoy softer elegance. Rose gold's dreamy mauve hue gives it more delicate feminine energy. 

It's Perfect for Warmer Skin Tones 

If you find that silver clashes with your skin tone, or that yellow blends too much, you may want to try out rose gold. The warm rose tones can add vitality and warmth to your jewelry. Its elegance will also perfectly complement outfits made up of earth tones and an autumn color palette. Try it out to see how well it might complement your wardrobe, too. 

Rose Gold Is Strong 

Will it last? When you invest in rose gold jewelry, you can be sure you're choosing a quality metal. More accurately, you're selecting an alloy of gold, copper, and silver. Together, these three blend to create a strong material with a rosy, romantic color you'll love. All you have to worry about now is which piece you want to try on first. 

Ten Pieces of Rose Gold Jewelry You'll Love 

You may be someone who sticks with dainty jewelry silhouettes. Or perhaps you enjoy bulky statement pieces that set you apart from the rest. Either way, you'll want your jewelry to stand out as a trademark of your style. Whether you're new to rose gold or it's a staple in your every-day jewelry, you're sure to find something new you love. Let's explore ten pieces of rose gold jewelry you'll want to wear every single day. 

1. Crescent Moon Studs 

Have you always found inspiration from the starry sky at night? Maybe you thought that the moon was faithfully following your every step when you were a child. Make the moon a part of what you wear with our unique 18k crescent moon stud diamond earrings in rose gold. They're stunning on their own or added to a combination of hoops or dangly earrings. 

2. The 5 Diamond Necklace

Our five diamond necklace in rose gold is perfect for those who appreciate delicate elegance. It's the ideal match for those who enjoy attractive jewelry that isn't bulky. If you love simple yet one-of-a-kind pieces, this might be the one for you. In rose gold, the bezel-set diamond necklace will pair well with a silk dress on date night or your around-the-house button-up top.  

3. The Single Baguette Ring

If you appreciate styles from the past, you'll adore this one. Our single baguette ring handcrafted with 18k rose gold will be one you never take off. The ring's dainty silhouette pairs ideally with other minimal rings or can stand on its own. It's on-the-mark for those who enjoy timeless pieces with modern minimalism. 

4. The Diamond Crescent Necklace 

This diamond crescent necklace is beautiful and delicate. The necklace displays five white diamonds in a row curved into a slight crescent for a unique shape. In rose gold, it makes a perfect every-day staple for your jewelry box. It features 18k rose gold and a 0.47-carat weight. Pair it with longer necklaces, or wear it alone for a softer look. 

5. Tennis Bracelet 

While it's more classic than unique, this bracelet is a must-have timeless staple in your jewelry box. What makes it memorable for you is the material used to handcraft this piece. A tennis bracelet with a rose gold twist is a fantastic way to ensure you're retaining your uniqueness while collecting classic, wearable pieces of jewelry. Your diamonds will stun when they're surrounded by rose gold. 

6. Diamond Chain Link Ring 

Perhaps you love bolder pieces with personality. Try adding this diamond chain link ring to your collection for a piece that will draw eyes and compliments with every wear. This ring is set with 0.30 carats of round white diamonds around the chain-link shape. It's bold and elegant all at once. Take a risk in rose gold that will set you apart.

7. Flower Diamond Stud Earrings 

Do you find your life in nature? Maybe you feel energized by plants and invigorated by the flowers you find along the path during your walks. Commemorate your love for the beauty of nature with our flower diamond stud earrings. In rose gold, you'll love how they reflect what you adore. 

8. Pink Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Here's to being truly unique. If you found that a rose gold tennis bracelet would be too ordinary, we have another suggestion for you. The pink sapphires and white diamonds of this bracelet are together bright and exciting. In rose gold, this tennis bracelet embraces individuality. 

9. Lightning Bolt Studs 

Do you have an electric personality? Your energizing presence pairs well with dainty lightning bolt studs to represent your remarkable essence. Each earring features nine round white diamonds to super-charge these studs. Wear them alone or use them to accent your already-decorated ear. 

10. Gold Heart and Diamonds Ring 

There's nothing wrong with a little sentimentality. The five classic tiny hearts lining a diamond eternity band give this ring a tender, dreamy style. In rose gold, this heart motif will be accentuated all-the-more. This ring stacks well with dainty stackable rings, or you can wear it alone. You'll love how this ring combines glamour with sentiment. 

11. Heart Bracelet 

Heart motif jewelry might just be your thing. If everyone knows you for sporting clothes with hearts featured on the sleeve or drawn in your notebooks, you might love this bracelet. The dainty 18K gold chain displays a brilliant heart decorated in white round diamonds. Add it as a darling charm to complement a night-on-the-town outfit, or wear it as an adorable accessory with your around-the-house loungewear. 

Your Jewelry Should Be Unique and High-Quality

What good is jewelry that's beautiful if it falls apart, scratches, or breaks? You deserve exquisite jewelry that you can enjoy for years to come. Our fine handcrafted jewelry features 18K gold in every piece we make. Additionally, we only use fine diamonds in an F/G color and a VS clarity range, so you'll always receive stunning jewels from Noémie. We only use the best materials, so you can be sure you're receiving a piece that will last. 

Our Commitment to Quality 

The reason we use 18K gold is that it's an ideal blend of purity and strength. We opt to include F/G color diamonds with VS clarity so that your piece of jewelry contains no imperfections visible to the naked eye. What's more, Noémie uses only conflict-free diamonds. Whether you choose a conflict-free naturally-grown stone or a lab-grown diamond, you can be assured that the Noémie diamonds you wear are ethical.

Unique Customizable Jewelry

Perhaps you read over each of the eleven pieces listed above and found one that was almost perfect for you. Fortunately, we have an option that will allow you to choose a piece of jewelry that's wholly your style. Look over our Personalize Your Own collection to find rings and necklaces that you can customize to your heart's desire. Better yet, you can even return custom jewelry if you find that it isn’t exactly what you want.

To Sum it Up 

Do you love warmer tones and romantic themes? Rose gold jewelry can bring a new elegance to some of the styles you already love. Our unique rings, bracelets, and necklaces in this metal will elevate your jewelry box with pieces that will become your trademark. 

Since Noémie uses only the best materials and conflict-free diamonds, you can be sure you receive long-lasting jewelry with a clear conscience. Take the risk and fall in love with a piece of fine jewelry in rose gold. 


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