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Wedding Anniversary Gifts: A Year by Year Guide

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Wedding Anniversary Gifts: A Year by Year Guide

After the excitement of your wedding and honeymoon, life begins to settle into different rhythms. As you both enjoy your time spent together in married life, you'll welcome various milestones. New jobs, children, continued education, and travel may all be new elements you enjoy as you celebrate additional years spent together.

When it comes time to celebrate your partner on your anniversary, you might be wondering how to make every year special. Today, let's talk about how you can find the perfect gift for your beloved, no matter how long you've been married.

How To Select the Perfect Gift 

Choosing the perfect gift for spouses is a task few can live up to. However, you can choose something great for your partner by keeping a few principles in mind.

  1. Choose something long-lasting. In some cases, choosing something temporary can be fun. However, selecting a long-lasting gift like bedding or technology is one way to ensure your partner can enjoy it for years, whether it is your 1st anniversary or 16th anniversary.
  2. Choose something memorable. If you don't select something long-lasting, you might prefer to choose a memorable gift, such as a one-of-a-kind experience or vacation. 
  3. Choose something personal. Some might think that bigger is better regarding anniversary gifts, but that's not always the case. Try to select something that fits your loved one's tastes so they can enjoy it each time they see it.

Should I Get Different Anniversary Gifts Depending on the Year? 

Before we start discussing the details, you should know that your marriage is unique to you. You and your partner get to make up the rules regarding what you give one another for each anniversary. 

With that said, there are historical traditions regarding traditional anniversary gifts that you might be interested in knowing. Let's look at the common anniversary gift themes that correspond to each anniversary year.

The Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Each Year 

1st: Paper

2nd: Cotton

3rd: Leather

4th: Fruit and Flowers

5th: Wood

6th: Sugar

7th: Wool

8th: Linen

9th: Pottery

10th: Diamonds

11th: Steel

12th: Silk

13th: Lace

14th: Ivory

15th: Crystal

16th: Wax

17th: Furniture

18th: Porcelain

19th: Bronze

20th: Platinum

21th: Brass

22nd: Copper

23rd: Silver Plate

24th: Musical Instruments

25th: Silver

30th: Pearl/ Diamonds

35th: Jade

40th: Ruby

45th: Sapphire

50th: Gold

55th: Emerald

60th: Diamond

65th: Sapphire

70th: Platinum

75th: Diamond

Partaking in these wedding anniversary themes is entirely your choice. However, these traditional gifts can help inspire you as you search for gifts your partner will love, and may help you find modern anniversary gifts that follow a similar theme. Wedding photos can be a modern take on paper, for example, while desk sets may be a modern version of wood or leather.

Noémie's Favorite Anniversary Gift Ideas

When looking for the best luxurious presents to honor your commitment to your partner, jewelry makes a fine selection. Many anniversary milestones, like your first year of marriage, are ideal for exchanging precious metals and stones to one another, based on the year. Let's explore a few Noémie pieces that make for a perfect wedding anniversary present for your partner.

Five-Year Anniversary Gifts 

Traditionally, the fifth-anniversary theme is wood. When you're searching for an appropriate gift for your partner, you might choose to remain on theme and select a wooden jewelry box that can house their favorite fine jewelry or gemstones.

Should you choose to depart from the wooden theme of the fifth anniversary, you could opt to select jewelry that celebrates five stunning years of growth and memories together.

In this case, you might consider going for a piece of jewelry that's elegant yet simple. A pair of 1920's-inspired split hoop earrings are an excellent selection for those who enjoy history and understated luxury. These earrings display clusters of sparkling white diamonds with 18-karat yellow gold split hoops surrounding them. Your partner can savor them on special occasions or choose to show them off with their daily apparel.

10th Anniversary Gifts

Traditionally, the 10th-anniversary gift theme is diamonds, which is perfect if you enjoy gifting jewelry to your beloved. After ten years together, you have an excellent opportunity to go for a more significant modern gift that leaves your partner speechless.

When you want to gift diamonds for your tenth anniversary, consider choosing a delicate diamond necklace for your partner to wear daily. One attractive option is our Diamond Crescent Necklace. With an 18-karat gold chain and settings, this diamond necklace features diamonds that graduate in size from either side of the crescent shape. The entire row totals ½ carats, making it a lovely choice for your first considerable milestone. 

20th Anniversary Gifts 

A 20th wedding anniversary is an exciting time. You might have teenagers in the house, and dreaming up gifts for one another is one way to create time for romance amid your busy lives. 

The traditional wedding anniversary gift for a 20th anniversary is platinum, which gives you the perfect opportunity to gift your partner with long-lasting platinum jewelry with great durability. At Noémie, we're happy to offer various pieces of diamond jewelry in durable platinum metal.

One striking option you might consider is our Chevron diamond ring. This band features a subtle chevron shape with stunning white diamonds set along the band. In platinum, this ring will last throughout the rest of your adventures, making the perfect elegant touch for everyday attire. 

25th Anniversary Gifts

For the 25th anniversary, the customary gift is something silver. You might opt to gift them a new set of silver dining wear. Alternatively, you might choose to purchase something silver in color to accent their wardrobe.

When you're searching for silver-colored jewelry, white gold makes an excellent alternative that will last for decades and keep its value for generations. One option you might consider for white gold jewelry is our Noémie tennis bracelet. This iconic piece adds luxury to any evening wear or casual apparel. 

30th Anniversary Gifts 

By the 30th wedding anniversary, you and your partner are likely well aware that you've made it for the long haul. This anniversary is one for thoughtful reflections and intentional gifts that celebrate your commitment to one another.

If you'd like to hold to tradition, the 30th anniversary is another occasion when diamonds are appropriate and encouraged, along with pearl jewelry. Our Baguette Diamond Band makes for a shimmering addition to their wedding band and engagement ring

50th Anniversary Gifts

50 years of marriage is an achievement worthy of roaring applause and celebration. Choosing a gift for your sweetheart might seem difficult; what do you select for someone who has meant the world to you for five decades? Our 5-row white diamond band can represent the decades of your love with elegance and stunning diamond quality. In yellow gold, you'll have a gift that fits tradition, too.

60th Anniversary Gifts 

You can celebrate your 60th wedding anniversary by gifting any kind of diamond jewelry. Perhaps you'd like to play it simple. In that case, our emerald-cut diamonds studs make for a stunning, romantic anniversary present.

How Noémie Offers Excellent Value for Your Gifts

At Noémie, we're thrilled to offer you stunning diamond quality with every jewelry selection. Our handcrafted pieces contain excellent 18-karat gold and platinum with VS clarity and F/G color grade diamonds. 

We use a thoughtful product assortment and own our warehouse, meaning we don't include excessive markup costs. You'll always get an attractive price for divine diamond jewelry.

Final Thoughts: Choose Something Unique to Your Love 

You and your partner are the sole experts on your love. Ultimately, you can choose to honor your anniversary with gifts, textiles, a gift basket, experiences, adoring letters, or whatever medium makes your partner feel most loved and cherished. Whether you mark the occasion with exquisite diamond jewelry or a trip down memory lane, celebrating your unique story is what matters. 


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