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Wedding Ring Sets: The Complete Guide

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Wedding Ring Sets: The Complete Guide

If you're in the process of searching for your perfect engagement ring and wedding band, the odds are that the bulk of your wedding planning is ahead of you. Looking at different ring styles and dreaming about which kind will suit you most can be exciting.

It's okay if you don't already know everything there is to know about wedding ring sets. We'll show you why it can help to buy both rings at once and explore our favorite wedding bands and wedding jewelry

What Is a Bridal Ring Set? 

Before getting engaged, it's understandable to wonder which ring is the wedding band and which is the engagement ring. The engagement ring is usually the ring with the most prominent diamond or gemstone positioned in prongs. 

According to some wedding traditions, you'd wear this ring on your left hand until your wedding day, when you'd wear it on your right hand. Then during your vows, you'd receive the wedding band on your left hand when you exchange vows and place the engagement ring on top. 

Although this is the traditional way to wear your wedding ring set, you can follow your convictions and wear your rings however you'd like. 

Why Should You Buy Your Rings Together? 

You might not think it benefits you to purchase your engagement ring and wedding band at the same time, but there are a few reasons you may want to rethink this idea. Here are hints for why buying your rings together can help make your wedding planning a breeze.

To Save Time

Many times, people get engaged without thinking too far ahead. They may imagine that the only step they should plan is the engagement itself. It's not wrong to think this way, but it may leave you needing to spend additional time searching for a suitable wedding band afterward. 

Purchasing the engagement ring and wedding band at the same moment can help you save time after the engagement to plan other wedding details. 

To Ensure Coordination 

Let's imagine your fiancé purchased your ring on their own, and you had no idea what it would look like. This sort of scenario isn't uncommon; many people prefer to be surprised by the person they love. 

In this case, your fiancé would likely spend time planning your engagement ring. Then, after the engagement, you'd both need to spend additional time searching for a wedding band that would match.

There's nothing wrong with coordinating your wedding rings this way. After your engagement, you might find a wedding band that's perfect for your jewelry taste. However, purchasing both the engagement ring and the wedding band together can help ensure both pieces look good together well in advance. 

How To Wear Your Wedding Band and Engagement Ring 

You may be curious about how to wear your wedding band and engagement ring together once the moment comes. Traditionally, you'd wear both rings on your left ring finger. On your wedding day, your partner would slip your wedding band on first, then take the engagement ring from the right hand and place it on the left.

If you'd prefer to wear your engagement ring on your left hand during the ceremony, your fiancé can place the wedding band on top of the engagement ring. Many people prefer this look, although it parts with traditional symbolism of the wedding ring being closest to the heart. 

Tips for Picking Your Perfect Wedding Ring Set 

Are you nearing engagement with your partner? In that case, you may be starting to weigh your options and search for rings that represent your style and love for one another. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind if you're purchasing your wedding bands and engagement ring together.

1. Choose a Diamond Cut You Adore 

If you haven't spent much time thinking about engagement rings in the past, you could be imagining that there are only a couple of options for your ring cut. In reality, there are over a dozen popular diamond shapes you can select for your engagement ring's stone. Feel free to connect with your style and choose a cut you adore. 

2. Match Metals 

Perhaps you're the eclectic type. In that case, matching metals may not be your favorite thing to do. However, choosing a wedding band and engagement ring in the same metal can help ensure your wedding jewelry looks fantastic together. 

3. Talk With Your Partner About Your Plans 

As we mentioned, some couples choose not to discuss engagement jewelry before the moment comes. Many people find surprise engagements thrilling. However, if you want to coordinate your wedding and engagement jewelry, talking about engagement plans could be helpful. 

Six Wedding Bands To Adore From Noémie 

Let's say you're in a situation where you have an idea of what your engagement ring will look like, and you're searching for that perfect wedding band to compliment it. Perusing elegant bands may help you narrow your choices to a few bands that suit your personality and style. 

1. The Petite Diamond Band Ring 

If you enjoy wearing delicate jewelry daily, your wedding jewelry should be no different. You can have all the allure of a diamond band in a petite size for delicate radiance. Our Petite Diamond Band is one you'll love for ages next to your engagement ring. 

2. The Eternity Baguette Diamond Band 

Perhaps you delight in unique diamond shapes. You can have a wedding band that displays captivating baguette stones in high-quality 18-karat gold or platinum. Our Eternity Baguette Diamond Band is an exceptional wedding band that can accent a timeless engagement ring. 

3. The Oval Cut Diamond Eternity Band 

You may wish for an even rarer cut. If round diamonds are your preference, our Oval Cut Diamond Eternity Band is dream-worthy. Each oval stone displays our Noémie diamonds' brilliant clarity and color around the entire band. Choose your preference of metal for a band that will catch your eye for years.

4. The Vintage Diamond Band 

Some designs were never meant to go out of style. Their nostalgic patterns and charming details will always have a home in luxurious jewelry. One example of this idea is our Vintage Diamond Band. Every whimsical detail of this ring reminds the wearer that excellence is timeless.

5. The Half-Band Diamond Ring

Perhaps you're looking to save some room on your budget by opting for a half-band diamond ring. Doing this can allow you to enjoy all the beauty of a one-carat-weight diamond ring at a reduced cost. The Noémie Half-Band Diamond Ring displays beautiful diamonds in an F/G color quality with VS Clarity. You can make even more room in your budget by opting for a lab-created stone. 

6. The Chevron Diamond Ring 

Perhaps you're into minimalist band designs. In that case, consider adding a modern touch to a classic petite band by choosing a Chevron Diamond Band. This geometric band can show off your engagement ring in a unique way. 

Find Timeless Bridal Details at Noémie 

Picking out your engagement ring and wedding ring at the same moment is one way to ensure your set looks beautiful together for years. When you're ready to find a classic wedding band to compliment your engagement ring, Noémie has the exceptional pieces to complete your bridal jewelry


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