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Types of Earrings: 8 Styles Every Girl Should Consider

9 mins read time
Types of Earrings: 8 Styles Every Girl Should Consider

Having a staple piece of jewelry can be an easy way to add personality to many varieties of dress. Other times, it might be an indicator that it's time to branch out and try new styles. If you're used to wearing classic small hoops, you may want to try out statement studs. If you're used to bolder styles, you might be interested in trying a few classic pieces. You might find your next favorite staple earring as you try out new styles. 

What Kind of Earrings Suit You? 

Perhaps you've never pierced your ears. You may feel that you don't know where to begin with adding them into your daily wardrobe. 

If you enjoy wearing eclectic trousers and shoes, eye-catching earrings might be your taste. You might prefer to dress in more subdued, classic fashions, in which case simple studs and hoops may be more to your liking. There are many pairs you can incorporate into your dress that will match your personality and style. 

How to Choose the Best Quality Earrings

When you're searching for earrings, you should keep a couple of things in mind. First, your ear-cleaning maintenance plays a role in the health of your piercings. Second, choosing earrings made from poor-quality materials can lead to irritation and discoloration. When selecting your next favorite hoops or studs, go for high-quality 18k gold that will last for years without irritation. 

Eight Earring Styles Every Girl Should Try Out 

If you’re trying to revamp your style or simply incorporate a few new pieces into your daily attire, earrings are a fantastic place to start. Whether you're looking to do a total reconstruction of your style or want to refresh your look, trying out new earrings can help add personality. 

Fine, high-quality diamond earrings are a terrific piece that can elevate your look effortlessly. Let's explore eight styles we think you'll enjoy. 

Huggie Earrings 

Do you enjoy adding simple touches to your look to add subtle sophistication? If so, our Noémie Huggie Earrings may be perfect for your taste. These delicate miniature hoops fasten with a hinge closure for easy on-and-off. 

This style is available in 18k rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, or black gold with diamonds. This style is also available in black gold and rose gold with dazzling sapphires, should you prefer a more colorful look.

Petite Studs 

How about trying out a classic? If you're looking to elevate your daily looks with one delicate piece of jewelry, this may be the one. 

Wear the Noémie Round Diamond Stud Earrings as your everyday go-to pair and then add the diamond flower earrings for special occasions or when you want to dress up a bit. This way, the two pieces will complement each other without feeling too "matchy."

The push-back posts feature 18k gold, and the diamond stones are a beautiful F/G color and VS clarity rating. Wear them to pair with a nighttime look or to add elegance to your daily activewear. 

Bold Diamond Hoops 

You might be interested in an earring style with a bit more personality. If that's the case, bold hoops might be the piece for you. Our Noémie Large Diamond Hoops are perfect for making a statement. 

They're available in 18k rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and black gold, so you're free to choose what color suits your look most. Wear them to create an eye-catching red carpet-worthy look or to add flare to your street style.

Split-Hoop Diamond Earrings 

If you adore styles from the past, this earring is a must. Our Noémie Split-Hoop Diamond Earrings display a 1/4 carat-weight of sparkling diamonds in the 18k gold split hoops. These earrings are inspired by 1920s styles, giving them a nostalgic, high-class feel. Wear them to add allure to your look and highlight the brilliant styles of the past all at once. 

Crescent Moon Studs 

You can add personality to your earring jewelry easily. If you have multiple ear piercings, consider adding a playful stud to your ear. Our Crescent Moon Studs in 18k rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold will add a celestial glamour to your other jewelry. These studs display sparkling white diamonds in the crescent shape for even more charm.

Diamond Stud Earrings 

If you enjoy diamonds, this pair of earrings is for you. Our Rumba Dancing Diamond Stud earrings display one carat of stunning white diamonds. The inner studs are surrounded by glistening miniature stones in a circle, giving them the illusion of floating. 

This style is available in 18k rose gold, white gold, or black gold so that you can personalize your glamour.

Baguette Huggie Earrings 

Give your hoops extra personality and allure with baguette-shaped diamonds lining each hoop. Our Noémie Baguette Huge Earrings are hand-set with brilliant diamonds in 18k white gold, rose gold, black gold, or yellow gold. They feature a charming twist on a timeless geometric shape. Wear them to dress up your street style or to elevate an evening look.

Emerald Cut Studs 

What's better than dazzling studs? Emerald-cut diamond stud earrings are the perfect classic piece you can wear with anything. These emerald-shaped diamonds are hand-set into 18k white gold for a beautiful piece of jewelry in a one-carat weight. 

Wear a pair of Noémie Emerald-Cut Diamond Studs to add geometric elegance to your appearance. 

How to Style Earrings

Some people aren't into earrings. If that's you, you might be considering how to wear this piece of jewelry for the first time. Should you pair your elaborate diamond hoops with a ball gown for a business lunch? Should you wear the same pair of earrings each day? Here are a few ways you can style your Noémie earrings.

With Different Hairstyles: When choosing earrings, pay close attention to how your hair is styled. If it's in a ponytail or bun, that naturally draws attention to the ear and creates more space for your jewelry to be seen. If you wear your hair down and loose, more delicate jewelry might be appropriate.

With Casual Wear: You don't need a five-star restaurant or awards banquet to wear fine jewelry. A quiet night with a book, a day trip to the bookstore, or a weekend by the sea are all reasons enough to wear Noémie hoops and studs.

How to Give Earrings as a Gift 

When you’re choosing earrings for a loved one, pay close attention to their individual taste. Fine jewelry is a valuable, long-lasting gift. What makes it even more meaningful is by personalizing the jewelry you give. By choosing your beloved’s favorite metals and diamond shapes in a pair of earrings, you’re sure to choose a pair they love wearing. 

Where to Find the Best Quality Earrings 

You could search for hours online to find high prices and sup-par quality jewelry, or you could explore Noémie's collection of fine jewelry. Avoid low-quality materials that leave your ears hurting. Noémie is committed to offering the best quality.

Noémie's Fine Jewelry 

Find a pair of Noémie earrings you adore? There's more where that came from. Whether you're looking for the best ethical engagement rings or personalized jewelry, we have the fine jewelry pieces you'll adore. Explore our collections to find your next favorite pieces. 

To Sum it Up 

When you're considering new earring styles, remember that you can always reinvent your essence. While you're browsing different hoops, diamond cuts, and posts, keep quality in mind. Your earrings should be a piece of jewelry that endures through each season of your life. 

At Noémie, we're pleased to offer you the best quality affordable fine jewelry so that fine-tuning your style can be that much easier. 


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