Wedding Bands & Jewelry For Your Zodiac Sign

What makes your wedding so unique? You do. You and your partner's one-of-a-kind chemistry is what influences those around you for the better. As you make choices for your ceremony or elopement, you should include details that express who you are at your core. One fantastic way to do this is to wear wedding bands and other jewelry that highlight your unique temperaments. 

Why to Wear Jewelry for Your Zodiac 

Why do you wear jewelry? Do you like to keep in step with what others think is on-trend? Perhaps you have always veered toward one style of jewelry, and you feel you have to stick to it. When choosing your wedding band and other jewelry, you have the freedom to revisit these questions and find out who you are. Here are a few ways your Zodiac sign can be a relevant influence on your wedding jewelry.

To Represent Your Unique Essence 

It's essential to know your style as you choose the jewelry you want to wear. When you're selecting wedding jewelry, you'll want to be able to identify if you prefer a specific cut of diamond or a particular setting. It's just as powerful to select jewelry that represents your unique soul. Knowing who you are can help you identify pieces that will accent your individuality. 

To Remind You of Your Charm 

Are you an ambitious Aries who lets nothing get in their way? Does your Virgo spirit ground you and remind you of your essential place in the world? We all go through seasons that make us feel lost from time to time. When you choose wedding jewelry that mirrors the strengths you bring to the world, you'll be reminded daily about how irreplaceable you are.

Because You Deserve Fine Jewelry 

It's a thrill to buy fine jewelry for yourself or to receive it as a gift from someone you love. A fine, handcrafted diamond tennis bracelet is an unmatchable treasure to have in your collection. What's even more remarkable is having fine jewelry that's made just for you. When you wear a necklace that's unique to your Zodiac or a custom wedding band representing your spirit, you can delight in your originality. 

What's Special About My Zodiac? 

There is something life-changing about realizing your roots and uncovering the meaning of your essence. You might be new to Astrology, and that's okay. It's never too late to learn what makes you tick. Your individual approach to life can be a powerful life force for those around you. Here's a quick review of the signs and tips for the jewelry they should wear on your wedding day and throughout your life. 


Your strength is your ambition. You don't hold back, and you seek to deliver your best self to the people in your life. With a bold Aries spirit, you'll enjoy timeless, recognizable pieces of jewelry like our Noémie Princess-Cut Eternity Band that trademark your style. 


You're driven by comfort and creativity. As an earth sign, you delight in digging into the world's rich sensations and nature's celestial magic. You love creating a comfortable atmosphere for yourself and your loved ones. Try out Noémie’s stunning fine jewelry that emphasizes your balance of the natural and the ethereal.


As an air sign, your head is often in the clouds. You spend time dreaming up your big plans, and soon, your entire calendar is packed. You naturally navigate your relationships and friendships and enjoy many groups of people. Encourage your busy mind with personalized handcrafted jewelry to remind you of your values and bring you back down to earth. 


You naturally sense emotional energy and intuit truths from whatever space you occupy. You can create a personal sanctuary like no other. Your love, commitment, and depth of emotion draw people to you, and they soon feel safe in your care. Your Cancer spirit can be represented by delicate Split Hoop Earrings that subtly reference your water sign.


Your strength is passion, fun, and exploration. You're as lively as they come, and those in your life delight in your passion along with you. In addition to being passionate, you're known for being loyal and consistent within the lives of those you love. Try out bold diamond ring styles to accent your firey spirit.


Your strength is your talent and your problem-solving. This world is a better place because you stop to notice the details in everything, seeking to better yourself at a consistent pace. Your earthy essence would be well-suited with fine jewelry that calls to nature


You achieve balance like no other and naturally create harmony wherever you go. As someone who excels at creating harmony and symmetry, a three-layered Micro-Pavé Band would suit your temperament well. Each layer corresponds with your values and relationships aligned in perfect symmetry. It’s perfect on its own or with a Noémie Engagement Ring.


You know yourself better than most, and you're deeply connected to your feelings and desires. As a deeply intuitive person, you'd enjoy jewelry that expresses your inner core principles and desires. Try Noémie’s  Custom Word Necklace to keep your core message with you wherever you walk.


You don't stick with the status quo. You naturally broaden your horizons, and exploration is a natural adventure for you. Represent your love for wanderlust with an Open Band Diamond Ring that symbolizes your heart that's open to every new experience. 


Your strength is your realism and your ability to make the best out of any situation. You're a realist and a dreamer all at once, and you're an integral part of people's lives. Our Vintage Diamond Band would look terrific on you. It will remind your realist spirit to hold on to the whimsical, emotional parts of life.


As an Aquarius, you have a unique heart for those around you. You care about finding solutions to make a better life for everyone you love and stop at nothing to give yourself to the earth. Our Open Heart Diamond Necklace is a stunning piece that can uplift any look and mirror your love for the world around you. 


Your strength lies in your abstraction. You are drawn to the unknown and won't stop trying to achieve your highest self. Strong spirituality attracts you, and you should mirror that in your jewelry. Our Half-Diamond Half-Sapphire Eternity Ring is a perfect piece to remind you of how intertwined the colorful spiritual is with the physical in your life. 

The Zodiac Necklace 

As you search for jewelry representing your Zodiac, there's perhaps no better option than our fine handcrafted Zodiac Necklaces. Choose 18K rose gold or yellow gold to display a brilliant central pendant etched with symbols to reflect your sign's strengths. Your pendant is surrounded by thirty-four glistening white diamonds, making this piece an everyday statement that exudes luxury. Treat yourself to a piece that expresses who you are, or gift this personal pendant necklace to someone you love. 


Learning who you are can be a remarkable journey. As you search with your partner or on your own, you'll find new truths about yourself that can guide you in your lifestyle. As you choose Noémie handcrafted wedding bands and other fine jewelry to accent your style each day, include your one-of-a-kind soul in the process. You just might find the perfect piece to remind you to embrace your spirit daily. 


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