Engagement Ring Vs. Wedding Ring: What’s the Difference?

Weddings are filled with ceremonial traditions from engagement to the altar. If you're approaching engagement, you and your partner could be questioning which traditions are right for you. When it comes to wedding bands, it's easy to get confused about which customs are worth continuing for your wedding. Should you and your partner adopt tradition or pave your own way? 

All the Questions You Might Have About Wedding Rings 

If you haven't been around weddings much in the past, planning one could be a complete whirlwind. Maybe you're utterly lost when it comes to exchanging rings. On the other hand, perhaps you know what kind of wedding rings you'd like to exchange, but you're not sure if they fall in line with traditional wedding rings. 

Let's go over a few of the questions you may have about the rings you'll exchange on your wedding day. Then, we'll find answers that work for you. 

Do We Have To Have Rings To Get Engaged? 

Believe it or not, you can get engaged without a ring. The reason for this is because an engagement ring is essentially a symbol of something much more substantial. No official rules limit you to only planning a proposal with an engagement ring and getting down on one knee. 

A groom-to-be is free to propose with another symbolic, meaningful token, or you can switch the roles up and have the bride propose if that fits your relationship. Your engagement should be uniquely yours.

Do I Have To Wear an Engagement Ring and Wedding Band? 

Traditionally, an engagement ring is the one you'd receive at your proposal. This glowing ring signifies to the world that you're in love and off the market. Then, at your wedding, you'd receive a wedding ring (or band) that would accompany your engagement ring to create a cohesive set. The groom traditionally receives a plain wedding band, but you're free to customize its design to fit your tastes. 

If you thought you would be required to wear both an engagement ring and a wedding band, there's good news. You're more than welcome to choose to wear just one ring instead of two. Doing so may help you save money on your wedding budget and feel more appropriate for you in your relationship.

Do Men's Wedding Rings Have To Be Plain? 

Women's engagement rings and wedding bands are often luxurious and display diamonds all around. Men might historically stick to a plain gold or platinum band, considering luxurious designs to be feminine. However, there's no hard and fast rule stating what kind of ring a man should wear. 

If you're a man and wish to wear a more expressive wedding band, you can customize your wedding band to reflect who you are. Have it etched with designs or inlaid with diamonds – the choice is yours. 

The Difference Between Bands 

Ultimately, the differences between engagement rings and wedding bands are traditional, not mandatory. While tradition says that wedding bands are typically more subdued than their engagement rings, you're free to break the mold. You can wear a two-in-one wedding band. Be as bold or as straightforward as you'd like. 

Engagement Rings To Adore 

Is proposing with an engagement ring the right choice for you? If so, you'll want to find wedding bands that suit your style most. You can choose a classic white gold band or select a rose gold engagement ring if that compliments your style. Let's take a look at our favorite engagement rings that you and your fiancée can enjoy. 

The Criss-Cross Engagement Ring 

You should choose the wedding jewelry that most expresses who you are. If you're a bold spirit in love with another vibrant soul, you can reflect that in your wedding jewelry. Our Criss-Cross Engagement Ring is a terrifically bold band that's sure to receive compliments. This engagement ring features a distinctive twisting design throughout three bands. 

These bands surround a brilliant focal stone with F/G color diamonds in VS clarity. This band can function as an engagement ring and wedding band combined in one if you like. If that's not your style, you're entirely welcome to pair the criss-cross ring with another band that complements it.

The Solitaire Ring 

Do you prefer to keep things more straightforward in your relationship? If you're more of a minimalist, you may wish to wear an engagement ring that displays only one diamond. Who can blame you?

Our Solitaire Ring features a timeless design that pairs well with wedding bands. You can make this ring yours by customizing it in 18-karat white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. It's an eternally classic choice.

Wedding Bands To Fall in Love With 

Are you choosing to exchange wedding bands at your ceremony? Here are the wedding bands we can't get enough of. Let's see if one of these band styles fits your relationship and tastes. 

The Eternity Baguette Diamond Band Ring 

Baguette diamonds are a timeless luxury. These stones are expertly cut to display the finest craftsmanship. If you'd like to wear a wedding band to compliment your engagement ring, our channel-set Baguette Eternity Diamond Ring is a stunning choice. 

You can personalize this band by choosing rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum for the band's metal. Choose lab-grown diamonds to enjoy a lower price point and feel utterly confident that your diamonds are conflict-free. 

The Chevron Diamond Band 

Many people prefer to choose a diamond wedding band with a shape that creatively accents their engagement ring when worn together. One example of this is our Chevron Diamond Ring

This band features a unique, slightly v-shaped angle in its shape, causing it to fit perfectly next to an engagement ring. In addition, this shape calls back to more geometric vintage jewelry styles, making it a classic piece that can withstand the test of time. 

Men's Wedding Bands 

Perhaps you'd like more from men's wedding bands. You may be the type of person who'd like to have more beautiful designs etched into your band. You'll wear this band for years, so you should feel that it fits your vision and style. 

With that said, if you'd like a specific design that matches your vision, we're delighted to help. Fill out our custom ring form, and we'll do our best to partner with you in crafting your ideal wedding band. 

Customize Your Wedding Rings 

Brides, you can customize your wedding bands, too. Your wedding is one of the most personal events of your life. Your rings should reflect that. If you have a vision for your wedding bands, use our Custom Diamond Ring Builder to personalize elements such as diamond shape, metal, pave band, carat weight, and band width. Using our custom design tool is another way to simplify your wedding planning by going straight to the design you feel suits you most. 

To Sum It Up 

Thankfully, we're in a day and age when wedding traditions are more flexible than ever. The main idea here is that your journey is unique (and one to celebrate). You deserve high-quality jewelry that reflects your one-of-a-kind romance. At Noémie, we want to support your journey with engagement rings and wedding bands that highlight your story and endure for years. 


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