Rose Gold Engagement Rings: A Shopper's Guide

You've waited months for this moment. For months, you've dreamed about the moment you'll formally ask your girlfriend to spend the rest of your lives together. All that's left to do is choose the ring she'll love the most. In your conversations about getting engaged and wedding jewelry, you remember that she mentioned enjoying rose gold pieces, but what is rose gold?

As you shop for wedding jewelry, it's a fantastic idea to learn about different kinds of metal, the quality of materials you prefer, and the types of diamonds you fancy. Rose gold has gone in and out of fashion over the last century, and it has become an increasingly popular option for jewelry in the past fifteen years. If you're unfamiliar with this metal choice, let's explore rose gold and determine if it's an appropriate choice for wedding jewelry. 

What Is Rose Gold? 

Rose gold is an alloy composed of real gold, copper, and silver. Often, this alloy is around 75% gold, 4% silver, and 21% copper, giving it a slightly rosy tint. In comparison to pure gold, this alloy is quite affordable. The copper in the alloy also makes the material incredibly durable, meaning this metal will last for decades. 

Is Rose Gold More Expensive?

As we mentioned, this alloy features only 75% pure gold along with around 20-25% copper composition. This ratio makes rose gold one of the more affordable jewelry choices. Compared with yellow gold, this alloy is every bit aesthetically pleasing as its counterpart and offers a financial advantage. If warm-toned affordable jewelry is your thing, a rose gold engagement ring might be for you.

Will Rose Gold Jewelry Last? 

Can you trust a rose gold engagement ring to endure years of wear? The copper in rose gold jewelry makes it incredibly durable compared to pure gold. At the same time, the pure gold in the rose gold alloy will also keep the metal from tarnishing over the years. It's as good of a choice for wedding jewelry as any since it's both tough and long-lasting.

Is Rose Gold Appropriate for Wedding Jewelry? 

As we mentioned, rose gold may feel like a new choice for wedding jewelry. In reality, this metal has been well-loved since the early twentieth century. It's proved itself over many decades, making this metal an appropriate choice for wedding jewelry. If you enjoy warm, romantic undertones in your jewelry, rose gold is a charming option for your engagement ring.

Where Can I Find Quality Rose Gold Engagement Rings? 

You may be settling into the idea of a rose gold engagement ring. Next, you'll want to know where you can find one that's valuable and handcrafted with high-quality materials. 

At Noémie, we love handcrafting everyday pieces as well as wedding jewelry. Unlike some retailers, we choose only premium materials and handcraft our pieces for your benefit. Let's explore some of our favorite rose gold engagement rings.

Seven Rose Gold Engagement Ring Options You'll Adore 

You don't have to browse through dozens of pages to find the engagement ring that suits your relationship most. At Noémie, we make it our priority to use only the best materials in crafting our pieces. Because of this, you can easily browse through our engagement collection, knowing that each piece is premium quality before you buy. 

Let's look through some of our favorite rose gold engagement rings and find one that's perfect for you. 

1. The Criss Cross Engagement Ring 

Some people have always chosen their own path in life. If your soulmate could be described as an individualist, why propose with a standard engagement ring? Honor her uniqueness with a unique engagement ring. 

Our Criss Cross Engagement ring is an ideal option for those who enjoy bold diamonds and eye-catching designs. In 18k rose gold, this ring is a breath-taking option that radiates glamour. 

2. The Solitaire Engagement Ring 

Does your partner prefer the classics? Solitaire engagement rings are an iconic piece of wedding jewelry that many have loved for decades. Our Noémie Solitaire Engagement Ring displays a gorgeous white diamond hand-set in a four-prong setting. In rose gold, it's a beautiful choice your girlfriend will adore. You're free to customize your ring with the choice of one carat, one-point-five carats, or two carats of diamonds that will shine brilliantly. 

3. The Lab-Grown Solitaire Engagement Ring 

Did you know there's an even more affordable option available to you while you're engagement ring shopping? With many of our engagement ring styles, you have the opportunity to choose the lab-grown diamond option to save money on the ring you love. 

Our Lab-Grown Solitaire Engagement Ring in rose gold is a beautiful choice that can help you stay within your budget. 

4. The Solitaire Pavé Ring 

Perhaps your loved one enjoys the halo style for an engagement ring, but they also love high glamour. Our Halo Pavé Band in rose gold combines a timeless style with a band and round setting inlaid with sparkling white diamonds. 

You can customize this ring by selecting 1 Carat, 1.5 Carats, or a 2-Carat weight. It's a stunning option for those who enjoy diamonds. 

5. The Lab-Grown Halo Pavé 

As we mentioned, lab-grown diamonds are a fantastic resource that can help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your engagement ring purchase. If your partner would love the Halo Pavé band, but it's just out of your budget, try the lab-grown version. In 18k rose gold, our Lab-Grown Halo Pavé Band is a charming option for an engagement ring.

6. The Solitaire Pavé Band 

If your partner enjoys solitaire engagement rings, you may want to consider investing in our Noémie Solitaire Pavé Engagement ring. In rose gold, it radiates sophistication and class with 1/4 Carat of brilliant white diamonds. The added pavé band gives this band an even greater allure. It's a terrific way to upgrade an already classic piece of jewelry. 

7. The Lab-Grown Solitaire Pavé 

You can choose the most brilliant engagement ring for the best price. You don't have to settle when it comes to the wedding jewelry you and your partner love. Our Lab-Grown Solitaire Pavé Band allows you to have the best option for the very best price. In rose gold, this ring is a timeless piece of jewelry that will look stunning on your loved one's finger. 

Non-Traditional Rose Gold Wedding Jewelry 

If you'd prefer less traditional styles of engagement rings, that's no problem at all. After all, you know your relationship with your partner is one-of-a-kind. Why shouldn't you commemorate the start of your lives with unique rings? Let's look at a few engagement ring options that are as individual and special as your partner.  

In Summary 

The search is over. You've finally found a rose gold engagement ring that suits your partner and looks stunning. Rose gold is a fantastic option for wedding jewelry, and now you understand why. 

When you choose a rose gold Noémie engagement ring, you can be assured that your investment will endure throughout both your lives and your many adventures to come. All that's left to do is enjoy the start of forever together. 


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