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No two couples are the same. Despite this, many choose wedding jewelry based on historical customs. There's nothing wrong with desiring a traditional diamond engagement ring if that's who you are; many diamond ring shapes are timeless for a reason.

Still, you might dream of something different. Perhaps you feel that a distinctive design, stone, or setting might symbolize your unique relationship more authentically. Let us introduce the idea of non-traditional engagement rings. Then, we'll explore nine of our favorite Noémie ring options for you and your partner to adore. 

What Is a Non-Traditional Engagement Ring?

There are a variety of ways to execute a non-traditional engagement ring. Ultimately, the sky's the limit when it comes to dreaming up potential alternatives for the typical white diamond stone that many choose. Here are a few markers of a non-traditional band.

Unique Shape

Within the varieties of gemstone cuts, there is room for some customization. Still, you might desire an even more unique cut, opting for one of the following:

  • Asprey Cut: This cut may appear similar to a cushion-cut diamond, but it involves a unique hand-cutting process that uses no machines. 
  • Ashoka Cut: An Ashoka-cut stone is a modification of the cushion-cut diamond, opting for a rectangular shape with 62 facets.
  • Jubilee Cut: Typically, jewelers only cut this style into larger-sized gemstones. This cut debuted in the early 1900s to honor Queen Victoria of England.
  • Bead Cut: This infrequent cut resembles a disco ball with its spherical appearance. 
  • Eighty-Eight Cut: One belief native to Chinese culture is that the number eight holds significant symbolism for good fortune. Appropriately, this cut features eighty-eight facets in an octagon shape. 

Alternative Stone 

Essentially, an engagement ring is considered non-traditional when a couple opts for a diamond alternative or unique gemstone to be the focal stone in the band. Some may also choose to have several smaller gems rather than one central stone. 

Talk with your partner about what you both desire. You may opt for one of the four primary precious gemstones, or you might choose a semi-precious stone that better expresses your tastes.

Uncommon Band 

Usually, a diamond ring includes a singular plain gold or platinum band. If you're looking for something personal to you, you might opt for something most people haven't seen before. 

Perhaps you'd choose a stone surrounded by crisscrossing diamond bands. You might select a band that has unique designs carved into the sides. You can be as creative as you like with this element or go with the tried and true band options. 

A Remarkable Metal 

When planning for the design of your engagement ring, selecting an interesting metal color may be something that appeals to you. By understanding more about each kind of metal, you may realize you prefer one option over another. Explore these traditional and non-traditional metal options to understand what color and material you might enjoy in your jewelry. 

  • Yellow Gold: This kind of gold is unique because it’s the only color of gold that can contain 99% pure gold at a 24-karat amount. However, many jewelry metals contain alloy components that tint the color and strengthen the ring. If you’re thinking about purchasing a ring with 18-karat yellow gold, it will likely contain 75% gold, 12.5% copper, and 12.5% silver.
  • White Gold: White gold is a terrific alternative to silver metals. Although there are many possible variations for the contents of 18-karat white gold, the common breakdown is 75% gold and 25% nickel and zinc. On occasion, white gold may contain palladium, too. 
  • Black Gold: Classic jewelry metals are not everyone’s favorite. If you’re someone who craves individuality and darker design themes, you may have a preference for black gold. Most black gold jewelry gains its appearance from electroplating. In this process, a gold piece of jewelry receives a black finish from a thin layer of rhodium or ruthenium. 
  • Sterling Silver: If you own any sterling silver jewelry or cookware, you may be aware that it contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper and other alloys. You should be aware that choosing a sterling silver engagement ring or wedding ring may provide you with some value, but this kind of jewelry also requires considerable regular care to maintain its color and shine.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel contains at least 10% chromium and less than 1.2% alloy elements such as carbon. It’s extremely durable, but it does not have the exact same luxe appearance as other precious metals. 
  • Platinum: Platinum is one precious metal that makes for excellent long-term jewelry wear. In some cases, it may contain 10% of alloy metals such as gold, iron, nickel, and copper.
  • Rose Gold: Rose gold is another fantastic jewelry metal choice, especially if you are opting for a non-traditional bridal jewelry set. 18-karat rose gold usually contains 75% pure gold with 22.25% copper and 2.75% silver for color and added durability. 

Questions About Non-Traditional Metals 

If you choose to use a non-traditional metal in your jewelry, you may have a few questions. Ultimately, the color and durability of your wedding jewelry are up to you. Still, examining its factors can allow you to make an informed choice about non-traditional jewelry metals

Is Rose Gold Appropriate for an Engagement Ring? 

Let’s say you’ve noticed that rose gold makes for a warm and romantic bridal jewelry color. This style of gold is relatively new to jewelry history. The roaring 20’s brought rose gold into jewelry, and it grew in popularity in the 1940s and 1950s when platinum became too valuable a resource. 

In recent decades, this metal has proven its popularity. Many adore rose gold for its sentimental hue that suggests romance in bridal jewelry. 

You may be wondering if this metal is appropriate for an engagement ring. Like 18-karat yellow gold and white gold, rose gold contains a valuable base metal with alloy metals that contribute strength. As a result, it’s more than worthy of lifelong wear. Its color does not stray far from traditional gold, making it a perfect variation for a non-traditional ring that can last for decades.

How Expensive Are Non-Traditional Metals?

When you’re considering different metals for your wedding jewelry, you’ll want to feel informed about the expenses of each option. At the same karat value, rose gold and black gold are no more expensive than yellow and white gold. This price similarity makes them suitable options; you won’t have to alter your jewelry budget to choose one of these. 

If you prefer a non-traditional silver metal such as stainless steel or sterling silver, you’ll have additional price factors to consider. While these are both more affordable than traditional 18-karat gold, you may pay additional costs in regular cleaning and maintenance charges. If you select stainless steel, you can expect to pay less, but your wedding jewelry won’t have the same luxurious luster.

Where Can I Find Rose Gold Bridal Jewelry? 

Let’s say you’ve become fascinated with the idea of wearing rose gold wedding jewelry. You don’t have to spend hours searching for fine rose gold jewelry that suits your budget. At Noémie, we’re proud to offer you a selection of rose gold engagement and wedding bands that feel luxurious and charming. Here are a few of our favorite pieces you may want to consider:

  1. Rose Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring – When you’re considering the engagement jewelry that’s perfect for your proposal and beyond, there’s something timeless and reliable about a solitaire band. At Noémie, we use excellent-quality diamonds with VS clarity and F/G color. The stone displayed in our solitaire band will sparkle from every angle with the rose gold band accenting it.
  2. Rose Gold Diamond Eternity Band – An eternity band is an eternally classic choice to complement an engagement ring. If you’d like your eternity band to be more noticeable, you can select a one-carat size. In rose gold, our one-carat eternity band makes a terrific symbol of eternal devotion you can exchange with your beloved on your wedding day.
  3. Rose Gold Lab-Grown Eternity Baguette Diamond Band – If your engagement and wedding budget could use some extra room, a lab-mined diamond ring is perfect for you. Our lab-grown eternity baguette diamond band in rose gold features baguette-shaped stones that sparkle with divine elegance. The only difference is that the price is more affordable.

Reasons You Might Choose a Non-Traditional Ring

Are you considering going with a non-traditional engagement ring or wedding band? Here are a few common reasons you might choose something one-of-a-kind over the usual selections:

  • You want to customize your wedding and engagement. You want these events to clearly represent your style and tastes.
  • You enjoy other gemstones over diamonds. Perhaps you've always wanted vivid amethyst or sapphires over white diamonds. 
  • You're prioritizing a smaller budget. Some semi-precious gemstones are available at a fraction of the cost of diamonds.

9 Noémie Rings for Non-Traditional Romantics

Are you ready to explore a few options for non-traditional engagement rings? We're happy to show you nine favorites in our assortment of Noémie rings. 

1. Half White Diamond, Half Sapphires 

Some people pick a favorite color, but what should you do when you love them all? Our Half-White Diamond Half-Multi-Color Sapphire Eternity Band offers a mixture of precious colorful stones and classic diamonds. On one side, we've included pink, blue, green, and orange sapphires with round white diamonds on the other. It's an incredible choice to represent a relationship that bends the status quo.

2. Gold Heart and Diamonds Ring 

Maybe you have a traditional engagement ring, but you're searching for a wedding band that feels like your personality. Our Gold Heart and Diamonds Ring features gold hearts in between a grouping of pavé-set diamonds. It's a precious symbol of pure love.  

3. Diamond Chain Link Ring

Choosing a band in your design style is essential for some people. If your tastes lean toward more glamorous, bold choices, you may want a ring to match. Our Diamond Chain Link Ring is a perfect selection. Although it features traditional white diamonds, the band's chain-link shape makes for a gorgeous complement to an engagement ring.

4. Princess-Cut Multi-Sapphire Eternity Band

Perhaps you love multi-colored stones, but you desire a traditional cut. Our Princess-Cut Multi-Sapphire Eternity Band is a delightfully bright choice that combines a timeless shape with non-traditional sapphires. Customize your band by selecting 18-karat white gold or rose gold, and you'll have the multi-colored band of your dreams.

5. Open Heart Sapphires Ring 

Want to go for an unusual shape with uncommon stones? Our Open Heart Sapphires Ring serves as a valuable reminder that love begins with an open heart. The brilliant sapphires make it a unique, colorful band that can help you treasure your one-in-a-million relationship. 

6. Black Diamond Eternity Band Ring 

Some prefer to walk on the darker side. If that's the case in your relationship, our Black Diamond Eternity Band Ring could be the perfect ring to exchange during your proclamation of love on your wedding day.

7. Sapphire Eternity Band 

Are you looking for a band that displays your favorite colors? Our Sapphire Eternity Band allows you to select gorgeous pink, blue, or orange sapphires with your choice of 18-karat rose gold or black gold. 

8. The Bohemian Dancer Ring 

Here's a genuinely original band. Our Bohemian Dancer Ring displays diamonds in an eternity fashion, along with dangling white diamonds staggered throughout the band. It's a perfect choice for those who enjoy enchanting styles.

9. Custom Diamond Ring Builder 

We know you want a ring that you feel is perfect for you. No one wants to spend their marriage wearing a band they don't thoroughly relish. At Noémie, we make it possible for you to navigate our easy-to-use Custom Diamond Ring Builder to create a diamond ring design experience that's individual to you. 

You can select your desired cut, along with carat size, metal color, and pavé style. As a bonus, you can also have your ring engraved with a personal message at no extra cost. 

Ways To Personalize Your Engagement and Wedding Band 

Some people enjoy searching for new, unusual styles to reflect their tastes and personalities within their partnership. Others may wish to choose more timeless, traditional engagement and wedding bands but still desire some amount of personalization. Let's look at a few ways you can customize your wedding jewelry without going entirely non-traditional. 

Play a Part in the Design Process 

If you have a diamond cut or design in mind that you don't see in our selections, we're more than happy to talk with you about your desired style and vision for your wedding jewelry. Using our custom design experience, our experts will consult with you to help you navigate your preferences with no strings attached. 

Select a Metal Color That Matches Your Tastes

Selecting wedding jewelry that you love doesn't have to mean making extravagant changes to traditional styles. You can personalize your band by choosing a metal color that most closely matches your tastes. At Noémie, we offer platinum and the best quality 18-karat gold in rose, yellow, and white gold. Within these choices, you may find a metal color that's perfect for you. 

Go for an Unusual Style 

There's nothing wrong with round-cut diamonds. However, you may find yourself daydreaming about marquis-cut stones and pear-cut diamonds. You can personalize your diamond ring by opting for a cut that's timeless but a little less common than typical engagement ring cuts. In the end, you'll be thankful you did.

Have Your Band Engraved 

Let's explore one more simple way to make your diamond ring more personal to your relationship. Perhaps you have an inside saying between you and your beloved. Maybe instead of expressing the common "I love you," you both exchange a phrase like "forever" or "you're my favorite." With most of our Noémie rings, we offer complimentary engraving to help you make your band one-of-a-kind. It's a personal touch that can make exchanging rings that much more memorable. 

Choosing Quality Can Set Your Ring Apart 

If you’re trying to find creative ways to make your jewelry more personal and valuable, we’d encourage you not to pass up the basics. By choosing high-quality diamond jewelry, you can enjoy wedding rings that stand apart from the rest. By selecting high-caliber pieces, you’ll know your engagement ring and wedding bands are uniquely excellent. Let’s review a few of the best tips for choosing remarkable wedding jewelry.

All About Karats 

Selecting valuable wedding jewelry begins with the materials. Even if you’ve spent time dreaming about the personal details you’ll include with your ring’s design, verifying your bands’ materials is an essential step.

Let’s talk about gold. If you’re choosing a less traditional jewelry color such as rose gold, you’ll still want to know all about karats. By understanding karat value, you can better choose which gold content will suit your desires more. Here’s a brief breakdown of karat value:

10-karats: You might be tempted to opt for a 10-karat rose gold band due to its inexpensive nature. This karat value is available at an affordable price because of its low gold content. In fact, 10-karat gold contains around 41% gold and 59% alloy metals. This low gold concentration can cause your metal to begin showing signs of wear quickly.

14-karats: Another karat value that is available at a lower price point is 14-karat gold. This type of gold contains around 59% gold and 41% alloy metal, meaning it holds more pure gold than alloy. Many people select this choice for their wedding jewelry because of its durability. 

18-karats: When you want a rose gold ring that’s valuable, durable, and gorgeous, you can’t go wrong with 18-karat gold. This variation is 75% pure gold with only 25% alloy metals included for coloration and added strength. This option is ideal for those who adore fine jewelry with precious metals that don’t require heavy maintenance. 

24-karats: You’ve likely heard that 24-karat gold is the most valuable kind of gold. It contains no alloy metals, making it 100% pure and somewhat vulnerable to scratches and wear. 

Understanding the Four C’s 

Traditional or not, your diamond wedding jewelry can stand out when it has excellent diamond quality. Here’s why color, clarity, cut, and carat weight makes a difference in your bridal jewelry.

Cut: You might not realize it, but not all diamond cuts are alike, even if they have the same name. The quality of your diamond’s cut influences its sparkle, fire, and brilliance more than any other factor. For this reason, selecting a diamond band from a fine jeweler such as Noémie is crucial. Diamonds with excellently-cut details can elevate your wedding jewelry more than you know.

Color: The color quality of your diamond may not seem essential to you now, but in decades, you may wish you had opted for more colorless stones. Natural build-up over time can cause slightly tinted diamonds to look dull. Choosing diamond rings with F/G quality is a terrific way to ensure you’re receiving nearly colorless gemstones at an affordable rate.

Clarity: When you opt for non-traditional wedding jewelry, another way to ensure your rings look terrific is by opting for excellent clarity. Prioritize at least a VS-level clarity in your diamonds for exceptional rings.

Carat Weight: You may already know that carat weight refers to a ring’s size, and that bigger stones are more valuable. Ultimately, you can still enjoy a fantastic quality stone at a smaller carat weight. The choice is up to your desires. 

Your Band Should Be as Singular as Your Love

At Noémie, we believe every journey is singular. In the end, your engagement and wedding day will become a part of your treasured memories, and the eternal promises you made to one another will remain. You don't have to choose the jewelry everyone else expects. You can honor your relationship by choosing exciting bands you'll both adore for years to come.


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