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8 Sparkling Valentine's Day Jewelry Pieces For Her

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8 Sparkling Valentine's Day Jewelry Pieces For Her
Some things are Valentine’s Day classics: sweet candy hearts, red roses in every florist’s window, and half-priced chocolates at the drugstore on February 15.

Another mainstay? Trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for her, fine jewelry will make for the perfect sweet memory for years to come. Whether it’s for a new flame, your BFF, or your longtime love, gift her a radiant reminder of your feelings for her.

To start you on your path to Valentine’s Day gifting greatness, we’ve gathered 8 of our favorite valentine's day gifts and jewelry that’ll sparkle and shine as much as she does.

#1 An Iconic Tennis Bracelet

They’re a timeless classic for a reason. Tennis bracelets have been known for years for their elegance and simplicity. Made famous by tennis superstar Chris Evert in the 1980s, tennis bracelets are beloved for their simple, closely set, sparkling diamonds.1

Beautifully sparkling, yet unobtrusive and tasteful, a sleek tennis bracelet makes for the perfect Valentine's Day jewelry option for the woman who prefers simple jewelry that moves with her everywhere. A tennis bracelet from Noémie can be worn every day with pride thanks to its 1.8 carats of ethically-sourced diamond sparkle.

Looking for a unique spin on this dazzling piece? Box up one of these unexpected twists on a tennis bracelet instead of the classic all-diamond design:

  • A matching necklace – Give your loved one a necklace to match with the 5 Carat Tennis Necklace, which features 5 carats of glittering VS clarity F-G color diamonds set into 18 karats of white gold. Only the best to adorn her collarbone, of course.
  • Make it blue sapphire – Diamonds aren’t a girl’s only best friend. Try a fresh take on the classic bracelet with the Blue Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet. This favorite pairs 15 brilliant white diamonds with 60 deep-blue sapphires. (Win the gift game for life if your loved one also has a September birthday!)
  • Pretty in pink sapphire – Looking for something that’ll always remind her of just how much you love her? Go for a jewelry piece that’ll keep Valentine’s Day on her mind year round with the Pink Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet: a love match of white diamonds and rosy pink sapphires, set into warm 18-karat rose gold.

#2 A Custom Engraved Diamond Heart Necklace

Jewelry for Valentine’s Day makes for one of the most memorable gifts. Wearing the jewelry is one thing, but unboxing it is a gift all its own. Everyone loves glinting a bit of sparkle as they open a dainty box in a dimly lit, romantic setting with their sweetheart eagerly waiting.

If you’re seeking valentine's day gifts for her jewelry box, create the most special unboxing moment and go for a custom engraved jewelry piece. She’ll feel even more special when she sees how much thought you poured into the beautiful jewelry that reminded you of her.

Here are a few of our favorite engravements that will make you look like a star on the big day:

  • Initials – Your two sets of initials together make for a classic engraving—like carving your names into a tree as a kid crushes on the playground. The Custom Engraved Diamond Heart Necklace features both of your initials covered in stunning sparkling diamonds, all in the shape of an 18-karat yellow gold heart.
  • A special date – Whether it’s the first day you met, your child’s birthday, your wedding anniversary, or a special day that only the two of you know, having a memorable date engraved on a piece of fine jewelry will guarantee she’ll always remember it fondly.
  • A single initial – Instead of opting for both of your initials, opt for just hers for a beautiful piece all her own. She’ll love the Custom Letter Necklace featuring her initial on stunning 18-karat gold, surrounded by sparking ⅜ carat diamonds.
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates – She’s got the map to your heart. Make it official with a piece of jewelry engraved with a special set of coordinates, like the place where you had your first date or the first apartment that you shared together.
  • A private love message – Some things are held special and private between the two of you. Engrave her jewelry with a phrase or a special memory that just you two share together for an intimate Valentine’s Day gift.
  • #3 A Diamond Medallion Bracelet for your BFF

    Out of all the many Valentine's day gifts, jewelry isn’t just for romantic relationships. Galentine’s Day (the day before Valentine’s Day) celebrates the female friendships in your life.2

    If you’re looking for a way to make your bestie feel like the queen she is, try an elevated twist on the friendship bracelet you wove in middle school with the Personalized Diamond Medallion Bracelet. Choose the colors, symbols, and more for a piece that truly speaks to her. (And then pick up a matching one for yourself, of course.)

    Finish off your bracelet with an engraving of that inside joke you’ve shared since freshman year of college for the perfect V-Day gift for one of the most important people in your life.

    #4 A Pendant Necklace for the Moms in Your Life

    If you’re new parents, this Valentine’s Day may look a little different than your previous ones. When in years past you might’ve flirtatiously bantered over omakase, now you’re sharing takeout sushi on your couch after the baby is finally asleep.

    Even if this year’s Valentine’s Day is seeing fewer wine glasses and more sippy cups, it’s perhaps even more treasurable. Show her how much you love her in all her brave-mama glory with a Mama Pendant Necklace, crafted in 18-karat gold with the option to include sparkling white diamonds.

    Finish the set with a matching pair of Mama Stud Earrings or a nameplate Mama Bracelet. She’ll love having this sweet reminder of the life you’ve built together and all that your love has accomplished.

    #5 Huggie Earrings to Hug Her Every Day

    Looking for Valentine’s Day “gifts for her” jewelry that she can wear every day? Earrings make for an elegant option for something that she can easily mix and match with the rest of her wardrobe and jewelry collection.

    The Huggie Earrings are a dream for the woman who wears simplicity like a crown. Their understated look, featuring 18-karat gold and delicate pavé diamonds, works for any occasion, from a day in the office to a night on the town.

    Depending on her preferences, she can wear these do-it-all wonders in so many ways:

    • Entirely on their own
    • Paired with a second pair (if she has more than one ear piercing)
    • As cartilage earrings (if she has this section pierced)

    #6 A Diamond Heart Necklace for a Timeless Love

    For that person who you feel like you’ve known forever or that love that feels like a movie, spring for a treasurable heart necklace. There is no better jewelry for a valentine that adores the most classic beauties in life.

    Remind her that she’s got your heart with the Diamond Heart Necklace. With 51 stunning white diamonds, this heart-shaped pendant’s dainty design is gorgeous, desirable, and romantic.

    Does your significant other love hearts but not necklaces? We’ve got you. Go for something entirely new with the Open Heart Sapphires Ring. Featuring a glittering rainbow kaleidoscope of 40 precious stones, this multicolored beauty is perfect for the woman who adds color and excitement to your life.

    If you’re looking for a more subtle take on a Valentine’s Day heart, you’ve found your soulmate in the Diamond Open Heart Earrings. She’ll love these romantic diamond stud earrings that feature 36 VS clarity white diamonds set in 18-karat gold in your choice of rose gold, black gold, white gold, or yellow gold.

    #7 An Oval-Cut Engagement Ring for Your Forever Valentine

    One way to guarantee that she’ll remember this Valentine’s Day forever? Popping the big question. Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to celebrate an engagement. So what better way to show her how much you love her than by asking her to marry you?3

    The perfect proposal starts with the perfect ring. If you’re opting for a diamond engagement ring, they come in a number of shapes and sizes, with the most noticeable difference being the cut of the diamond, which can include:

    Our of the most desired diamond rings for women, oval cuts are one of our favorites because they marry modern style with timeless elegance. She’s sure to say yes to Noémie’s Oval Cut Engagement Ring, which features a dazzling oval cut one-carat diamond set into an 18-karat gold or platinum band adorned with glittering pavé diamonds.

    Start your exciting next chapter with your forever love with this heirloom treasure that you can pass down in your family for generations.

    #8 A Compass Diamond Necklace Pointing to Self Love

    Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about loving other people. The most important relationship that you have is the one you have with yourself.

    If you’ve been focused on loving yourself and finding your own personal true north, celebrate this year with the Compass Diamond Necklace. Crafted out of 5.5 grams of solid 18-karat gold and featuring 34 radiant diamonds, it makes for the perfect gift to toast to yourself.

    Fall in Love with Noémie this Valentine’s Day

    Jewelry for valentines day means something different for each individual wearer, no matter who you’re shopping for this holiday. Noémie offers expertly designed, exquisitely crafted jewelry for every woman in your life. Whether it’s a pair of earrings, a customized necklace, a ring, or a bracelet, each piece is ethically made and set with care, so that you and your loved ones can cherish your jewelry for years after you unbox it.

    Visit Noémie today to explore our collections of timelessly elegant jewelry gifts for you and your Valentine.



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