Bridal Jewelry: What Jewelry Is Best for Brides? (2022)

Maybe it was months ago that the love of your life asked to be with you forever by proposing. Perhaps it was only days ago. In either case, the excitement about the future and the lives you'll share together can be riveting. That excitement can quickly turn into dreaming about the whimsical details of your wedding day.

As you begin to brainstorm how the flowers will look, food arrangements, what kind of photographer will be there, and what music you'll first sway to as newlyweds, you may also begin to think about the jewelry you'll wear. Bridal jewelry is one element to your wedding day that can add excellence and timeless elegance to your look. Where should you search for radiant bridal jewelry?

Today, we'll show you everything you need to know about bridal jewelry. Then, we'll show you our favorite pieces of classic Noémie jewelry that can enhance your bridal look and prepare you to meet your beloved to say, "I do."

When Did People Start Wearing Wedding Jewelry? 

You might have guessed it, but the first pieces of jewelry that people began wearing on their wedding day were rings. Rings held a deep symbolism for those who first wore and exchanged them on their wedding day. 

Think about the design of a ring; it's never-ending. With that in mind, people exchanged rings on their wedding day to represent an eternal commitment and soul connection.

Today, bridal jewelry has become so much more. Your wedding and engagement rings not only represent your eternal love and devotion. They can also feature brilliant luxurious elements that remind you of how precious your relationship is to your beloved.

Four Questions To Answer Before Shopping for Bridal Jewelry 

Before you go looking for the rings, necklace, earrings, or bracelet you'll wear on your wedding day, you may want to ask a few clarifying questions. By taking a moment to know what you're looking for, you can find the luxurious jewelry you desire more easily.

1. What's Your Budget for Bridal Jewelry?

If you've just gotten engaged, you may or may not have begun to discuss financial matters with your partner and family. If you're paying for your wedding, you may have a different budget than you would if someone else was taking care of expenses. Consider your significant costs, and then decide what you'd like to spend on the diamonds and other accents that can make you feel radiant on your big day.

2. Will You Be Wearing Any Heirloom Jewelry? 

You've most likely heard the phrase: "Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue." It's a cute rhyme that some believe brings luck to you on your wedding day. The idea is to wear an element from each category for good fortune. 

Concerning something old or something borrowed, you may have a family member who has offered to let you wear a piece of heirloom jewelry as you walk the aisle. If you're wearing a family diamond bracelet, you may wish to forego searching for a bracelet to save time and expand your budget in other areas.

3. What Elements Will You Coordinate With Your Bridal Jewelry? 

In that same line of thought, you'll also want to keep in mind what elements you'll coordinate your jewelry to match. For example, if you're wearing a gold heirloom bridal diamond necklace, you may wish to wear other gold pieces to coordinate your look.

Alternatively, you might wish to have your earrings accent your bridal hairstyle or have a bridal necklace that drops down your backless dress. Keeping these in mind can help you narrow your search to the pieces you know will work with your vision.

4. Will You Want To Wear Your Jewelry After Your Wedding Day? 

Although you may want to spend all your time dreaming about the wedding day itself, you can also ask yourself whether you'll want to choose jewelry you can wear again in the future. If so, you may select more timeless pieces rather than trendy details.

Eight Pieces of Bridal Jewelry To Make You Radiant on Your Wedding Day 

We've got a few ideas when you're ready to start finding the pieces of exquisite bridal jewelry you'll wear. Here are eight charming pieces of Noémie Jewelry you can wear to accent your look. Whether you choose to keep things simple or show off your diamonds is entirely up to you.

1. The Solitaire Ring 

Perhaps you're not quite to the engagement stage, but you're already dreaming about the wedding jewelry you'll wear on your wedding day. To begin with your engagement ring, you may consider sticking with a timeless style. Our Solitaire Ring displays a gorgeous quality diamond, making it the perfect centerpiece for your bridal look.

2. The Vintage Wedding Band

When you're ready to choose your wedding band, you might opt to go with our Noémie Vintage Diamond band to fulfill the "something old" element for your wedding day. This whimsical wedding band is perfect for those who enjoy paying respect to past styles and appreciating tradition.

3. The Princess Cut Eternity Band 

Maybe you've always dreamed of having a princess-cut diamond ring. This cut provides excellent vibrance to any bridal ring. If you love glamour, you can make your dreams a reality with our Princess-Cut Eternity band to accent your engagement ring. 

4. The Tennis Bracelet 

When searching for divine details you can add to your bridal look, it's hard to find a rival for a classic tennis bracelet. You can add class and elegance to your look with a classic diamond line bracelet known as a tennis bracelet. Wear it on your wedding day and any other occasion requiring dazzling diamonds. 

5. The Sapphire Tennis Bracelet 

For a more modern, colorful twist on wedding jewelry, try wearing our Sapphire Tennis Bracelet. Although it’s not traditional, it can help you express your personal style and personality on your wedding day. Though bright colors aren’t always customary, this piece can fulfill your "something blue" or simply add vibrancy to your bridal ensemble. 

6. The Crescent Diamond Necklace

When it's time to find a bridal necklace to wear, our Noémie Crescent Diamond Necklace is an excellent choice. Each beautiful diamond creates a crescent formation that reflects celestial beauty. 

7. The Five Diamonds Necklace 

Our Five Diamond Necklace is a terrific choice if you'd like bridal jewelry that drapes across your neck to accent your dress's neckline. Wear it alone or pair it with dazzling earrings to complete your look. 

8. The 1920s Split Hoop Earrings 

Perhaps you're wearing your hair up for your wedding. You might want to wear bridal earrings that drop down and accent your face's frame. One pair of earrings that can offer delicate glamour is our 1920s Split-Hoop Diamond Earrings. Each diamond shines with clarity to elevate your appearance. 

Your Wedding Jewelry Can Reflect Your Relationship 

Your wedding day is about the celebration of two souls and the commitment of love. When you choose your bridal jewelry, its quality and beauty should reflect the inspiration of your love and the magnitude of your story. When you're looking for high-quality jewelry that reflects your relationship, Noémie has expertly handcrafted pieces for you to delight in.


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