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White Gold vs. Platinum: Which Should You Choose?

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White Gold vs. Platinum: Which Should You Choose?

If you're not an experienced jeweler, you might have a little trouble deciding which metal to choose for the next piece of jewelry you buy. Of course, it might be easier for you to choose a metal when your choices look different from one another. If your options are between black gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, you could rely on your color preference in making your selection. However, if you need to choose between white gold and platinum, you may have a more challenging time since they're similar in color.

How To Choose the Right Piece of Jewelry 

It's easier to know what metal to select when you already know what piece of jewelry you'd like to get. You'll want to consider a few things to choose the right piece of jewelry for you. If you're not interested in jewelry for yourself, these are still helpful guidelines to keep in mind while you search for the perfect gift for a loved one or friend. The first thing you'll want to do is consider the budget you'd like to maintain for whatever brilliant piece you fancy. 

Consider Budget

Keep in mind how much you want to spend. If you are buying a ring, consider the carat weight to understand the amount you'll likely pay. Your preference for metal will also influence the amount you spend. Fortunately, there are ways to customize your piece of jewelry to ensure the necklace, bracelet, earrings, or rings you desire are within your budget.

Incorporate Your Personal Style 

Do you enjoy art-deco-inspired jewelry or other vintage styles? To avoid spending too much time browsing, you can quickly type a phrase such as "vintage" into our search bar. Your search will lead you to affordable, high-quality pieces in our inventory. Save time and go directly to the Noémie jewelry you know you'll love. 

Decide on a Stone 

In picking the perfect piece of jewelry, you'll want to choose what kind of stone will be featured. Let's say you're buying a stunning Noémie personalized necklace to gift to a friend. You'll likely keep the diamonds more minimal than you would if you were buying an engagement ring for your partner. Knowing who the jewelry is for can help you determine what stones to include and what piece is right for the occasion.

Choose a Metal 

Perhaps you've decided you'd like to gift our baguette-cut diamond ring to your grandmother on her 60th birthday. You'll need to decide what metal is right for the ring's band. If she wears silver-colored jewelry, should you choose white gold or platinum? You'll want to compare the two to find out.

How to Know Whether White Gold or Platinum is Right for You 

If your final decision is between these two metals, there are several things to know about each material. Once you learn about white gold and platinum, you'll be able to decide which will fit your jewelry most.  

All About White Gold 

Should you decide to use white gold in the handcrafted ring for your grandmother? Are there notable benefits to choosing white gold? Here are a few things to remember about this material:

  • It's Cost-Effective: When comparing platinum and white gold, white gold tends to be less expensive by a significant margin. When buying a gift for someone else, you might prefer white gold to stay within your budget. 

  • It's Softer Than Platinum: If your budget is more extensive, you might prioritize strength instead. To ensure your piece doesn't scratch over time, you might avoid choosing this metal. 

  • It Requires More Maintenance: If you prefer white gold to platinum, you may have to take extra measures now and then to maintain your ring's luster. 

All About Platinum 

There are many reasons you might want to purchase a platinum band ring. Let's look at a few facts to know about platinum before making your final decision:

  • It's a Bigger Investment:  If you can afford it, platinum is a solid metal choice. Because of its inherent value and purity, platinum tends to be more expensive than white gold. 

  • It Requires Less Care: Platinum tends to retain its shine and color longer than white gold does. You won't need to take it to be cleaned or repaired as often.

  • It's Stronger than Many Metals: Platinum is naturally stronger than white gold and other metals because of its inherent makeup. It will resist scratches and wear and tear. 

  • It's Hypo-allergenic: Platinum is an ideal metal for those who might have skin irritation or specific allergies related to metal alloys. It's biocompatible, so it doesn't produce the same harsh reactions in susceptible people. 

  • It's Purer: White gold is an alloy containing around 75% gold in an 18K gold piece of jewelry. Platinum, on the other hand, has approximately 85-95% pure platinum.

When to Choose White Gold

Now that you know a little bit more about each metal, you may be starting to form a preference for one or the other. Both white gold and platinum have unique benefits in different circumstances. Should you choose a piece of white gold jewelry? Let's explore a few scenarios that might influence your final conclusion. 

For Seasonal Jewelry 

Do you often wear certain pieces only during the summer? Perhaps you have a necklace that adds a luxurious flair to your sundresses, but it gets covered up by turtleneck sweaters in the winter. Let's say you're looking for a matching bracelet for your necklace. Under these circumstances, you may be wishing to keep your budget smaller since the piece you want to wear will only be in rotation seasonally. In this case, you'd choose white gold for a beautiful piece of jewelry you don't wear year-long.

For Pieces You Wear Less Often 

Maybe you're searching for a dreamy pair of diamond earrings to wear on date nights. If you only intend to wear them on special occasions, there's no need to protect them from everyday wear and tear. You can trust that Noémie's high-quality, handcrafted white gold earrings will keep their color and luster with occasional wear. 

For Gifts 

If you're looking to purchase a gift for someone, you may want to keep your costs to a minimum. Perhaps you want to buy your friend or family member a fine, handcrafted necklace, but you have a smaller budget. White gold can help you stay within your desired range. You can choose a gift that's meaningful to them and affordable.

When to Choose Platinum 

Just like there are reasons you might prefer white gold, there are several benefits to platinum. It's reliable, valuable, and pure, making it a premium candidate for your next piece of handcrafted jewelry. Let's explore some of the scenarios that might influence you to choose platinum over white gold.

For Jewelry You'll Wear Your Whole Life

If you've been eyeing a customizable word necklace to commemorate something close to your heart, you'll likely want to wear that necklace daily. When you wear something more often, it can be more vulnerable to daily wear and scratches. Choosing for a chain to be handcrafted using platinum metal would be in your favor. 

For Wedding Bands 

Wedding bands are not only worn daily, but they're also extremely significant pieces of jewelry. Weddings can be expensive, but budgeting the right amount for a platinum band is a good idea if you want to ensure your ring will last through everyday activities. It's also pure as an alloy, which can represent the purity and strength of your relationship. A platinum diamond eternity band will radiate classic elegance and last through your marriage.

For When You Can Afford Extra Luxury 

Let's suppose you've recently been promoted at work and have extra funds to do something extraordinary with your surplus. Lots of people lose wedding rings. If you dream of replacing your's or your partner's wedding bands, you could afford to do so using platinum for the metal. When your partner realizes their ring is platinum, they'll understand just how valuable they are in your heart. 

Customize Your Jewelry 

Perhaps you've decided you prefer platinum for your wedding band, but you're still unsure about your band's other features. Wearing a custom-made wedding band is an easy way to build the ring you want with your one-of-a-kind relationship in mind. Our custom ring builder allows you to create a ring that's meaningful to you.

In Summary

White gold might be perfect for you if you're buying a gift for a friend or dazzling earrings for glamorous occasions. This metal will help you stay within your budget while still affording eye-catching fine jewelry. If you have more money to spend, platinum as a metal has more integrity and will hold its shine and strength for years to come. Regardless of the metal you choose, you can have confidence that your Noémie ring will be handcrafted with care for you. 


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