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"As far as intimidating shopping experiences go, fine jewelry ranks pretty high. Steep prices are one thing, but then there’s the carats, the karats (there’s a difference!), the color, the clarity . . . and you never really know what you’re paying for, either. Here to simplify the process—and offer beautiful, high-quality fine jewelry for fair prices, too—is Noémie, a direct-to-consumer label."

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"Noémie I a new fine jewelry label with a twist: each 18K piece is a uniquely and beautifully made, but at a fraction of the cost. Diamonds are conflict-free, and pieces can be purchased online, and viewed at the brand's New York showroom, called "The Loft."

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“One of the best parts about shopping through Noémie’s website is right below their price they share what you would pay if you were to shop the traditional retail route. On average, Noémie saves customers around 60%.”

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"The brand’s name represents its targeted customer — a woman who spends her summer at a house in a small town off the coast of Maine. She’s also a traveler, spending part of the year in Tangier. She can be collecting fabrics from Ghana, or visiting an obscure monastery in Mongolia. She also has an apartment in New York, but can’t be tied down to any one place. And while she knows the best place to dine or shop, she’s not interested in the latest trends."

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